what to do to avoid falling into a case of smishing and vishing

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE It is a social engineering technique that steals user data to get money from them. This year it was consolidated as one of the most affected by cyberattacks. And within the attacks, scams are the order of the day: the famous uncle’s tale it became 100% digital in 2022. And every time new […]

a case also in Mazara

A case of “Nile fever” also in Mazara del Vallo. The Department of Health Prevention of the Asp of Trapani made it known to the Municipality, which reported a probable case in Mazara del Vallo di West Nile (Nile fever) which involved a patient residing in Florence but domiciled in Mazara del Vallo right in […]

Gas, Enea’s handbook with advice on cutting the consumption of heating at home

4/15 © IPA / Photogram The savings measures envisaged by the decree provide for the 2022-2023 winter season new time limits for the operation of thermal plants (one hour less ignition per day, reduced season of 15 days) and the one degree reduction in temperatures. Rules that apply to all natural gas-fired heating systems, excluding […]

Chronology of the Rp 106 T Indosurya Fraud Case, the Largest in Indonesia!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The case of the Indosurya savings and loan cooperative (KSP) has caused a stir again. Because, the value of the embezzlement reached Rp. 106 trillion. This value makes Indosurya the case with the largest embezzlement value in Indonesia. This case has actually attracted public attention for the past few years. It […]

AMICO F front hopper and TERRIA cultivator from Pöttinger

Pöttinger has developed a system made up of the AMICO F front hopper and the TERRIA stubble cultivator for tillage and soil fertilization in a single pass. In addition, the fertilizer can be deposited at different levels according to specific needs. AGRO professional – Madrid 26/09/2022 Pöttinger has combined the TERRIA trailed stubble cultivator with […]

More than 15 years controlling HIV without medication

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona investigates the case of a patient who has been controlling the replication of HIV without medication for more than 15 yearsan “exceptional case of functional cure of AIDS”, which the team tries to unravel in order to replicate the immunological mechanisms of the woman in other affected people. The study […]