Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover: Police operations are causing controversy

WIf you are currently looking for the hashtag #Polizeigewalt on Twitter, you will find it on a large scale: Whether in Düsseldorf, Hanover, Hamburg or Ingelheim – numerous videos of police operations against suspects, demonstrators or allegedly bystanders cause criticism. For many Twitter users, the roles seem to be clearly distributed: Police officers abuse their […]

Baerbock accuses Spahn of “failure” in corona tests

NAfter the federal government’s travel warning for most of Spain, Annalena Baerbock, the head of the Greens, accused Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) of making mistakes. It was “a fatal omission” that the corona tests for returnees from risk countries were only decided in the middle of the travel wave, criticized Baerbock on Saturday […]

Corona pandemic in Hessen: concept for local outbreaks

Dhe state government of Hesse has issued a concept for locally limited outbreaks of the coronavirus. According to a joint press release by the Ministries for Social Affairs and the Interior, the possibility of taking locally limited protective measures has become more important since the rules for dealing with the pandemic have been gradually relaxed. […]

Altmaier gives the go-ahead for green steel from Duisburg

Duisburg. Economics minister promises Thyssenkrupp a subsidy for climate-neutral steel production. Regardless of who owns the steel division in the future. Opdi tjfiu ojdiut ebobdi bvt- ebtt TJF ijfs you gýog Kbisfo hsýofo Tubim lpdifo xpmmfo- tp HBO {piof Lpimf / Tdixbs {- Hsbv boe Xfjà epnjojfsfo ejf Fjoesýdlf xåisfoe EFS 31.njoýujhfo Gbisu evsdi ejf […]

The federal and state governments have agreed on these new rules

When it comes to pandemic rules, Germany is in parts like a patchwork quilt. Now the country leaders, together with the Chancellor, made a new attempt to standardize the rules. That’s what came out of it. The attempt at a new unity turned into a tough struggle. A switching conference between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) […]

Health Minister: Mask requirement continues to apply nationwide

IIn the fight against the Corona crisis, the mask requirement will continue to apply in Germany for the time being – also in retail. The 16 health ministers of the states agreed on Monday, as the German press agency learned from participants after a switching conference between the state department heads and Federal Health Minister […]

Investigations against troublemakers during Spahn’s visit – Minister booed

In Wuppertal, two people who are said to have disrupted a performance by Health Minister Jens Spahn were reported for coercion. Investigations are also ongoing against other troublemakers. The police are investigating a woman (22) and a man (29) who are said to have disrupted a performance by Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in Wuppertal. […]

New infection process: Corona hotspot Offenbach

Ahe Robert Koch Institute’s map currently has only one red mark: Offenbach. For the first time, Hessen leads the Germany statistics of new corona infections. But while only 15.5 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were reported for the entire state on Friday, Offenbach exceeded the limit of 50 on that day. This means that the […]

Minister of Health for Local Corona Restrictions

IIn the struggle to deal with local corona outbreaks, the health ministers of the federal and state governments have agreed on a common line: Local exit bans could “represent a suitable means in relation to further entry bans,” says a paper from the conference of health ministers on Thursday FAZ is available. With a view […]

Krefeld: Unknown people saw off 30 trees on the new bike path

Krefeld. Just before the official opening of a cycle path, strangers felled its accompanying trees. The police are investigating property damage Vocflboouf ibcfo tjdi jo Lsfgfme pggfocbs ýcfs fjofo ofvfo Sbexfh hfåshfsu- EFS wjfmmfjdiu hvu hfnfjou- BVT jisfs Tjdiu BCFs TFIs tdimfdiu hfnbdiu jtu / eft Foumboh Xfhft bn Ejfàfnfs Csvdi tåhufo tjf 41 gsjtdi […]