Fast charging: this is how it works in different cell phone manufacturers

Charge a phone in less than you prepare a coffee or take a bath? Asian firms are achieving it, without this implying that mobile battery cycles are severely impacted. The fast charging of cell phone manufacturers is another competition that occurs in the world of mobile telephony, a competition in which we are the privileged […]

Excessive use of social media alters brain development in teenagers – News

Social networks are already part of the routine of teenagers. Platforms facilitate this audience’s contact and interactions with other people, however, researchers have found that they may also be linked to significant brain changes. The research, published in the journal Jama Pediatrics and carried out by scientists at the Winston Center, analyzed […]

The actress María Onetto died at the age of 56

The actress María Onetto died at the age of 56 The protagonist of The Headless Woman had an outstanding career in film, theater and television. Translate 02-03-2023 17:46:10 María Onetto was found dead this Thursday at her home. The 56-year-old actress was going through a depressive picture after the death of her mother. The sad […]

Alarm for a new type of credit card scam

In the last few hours, a new type of deception was spread on social networks with Credit cards and that has merchants as its victim: “the offline posnet scam”. It consists of a deceived the merchant in the purchase of a product without the payment being executed, and credit cards that simulate the approved transaction […]

A Decade Nokia Lumia 920, First Phone with 60 Hz Screen All – Nokia was a mobile phone brand that thrived in the 90s and 2000s. However, competition from other mobile phones that are increasingly “smart” such as BlackBerry, Android phones, to the iPhone makes Nokia’s popularity collapse. Despite the intense competition in the market smartphone, Nokia is noted to have tried their luck to bring […]