Central changed helm to navigate differently

A stand with waters that seemed calm and began to stir. That’s what lived up to here Central In these six months without football in Argentina, with a team stopped but which did not lack changes that moved the hornet’s nest, coupled with an economy that, as in many other orders of life, felt the […]

Menzel and Whimsical Summer: Why did Laufer set out and occupy himself ?!

You will not enter the same river twice! The recently deceased director Menzel was also convinced of the truth of this saying. Bet on Václav Neckář (76), whom he cast in his Oscar-winning film Closely Watched Trains, came out, so he decided to bet on a similar card again. He was tough “I thought that […]

De Bruyne and Batshuayi join the group, Carrasco leaves him

Posted on Sunday, September 6, 2020 at 11:24 a.m. By Belgian In the aftermath of the victory in Denmark, the group changed slightly. Kevin De Bruyne and Michy Batshuayi have joined the Red Devils group, the Belgian Football Union announced on Sunday morning, the day after Belgium’s victory in Denmark (0-2) on Matchday 1 of […]

Rodolfo Santángelo: The real exchange rate is not behind

Rodolfo Santángelo: I’ve always seen it as separate issues. The debt swap could have come out earlier, as could the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund. They are necessary but not sufficient conditions. The foreign exchange market, both official and parallel, have to do with the macroeconomic integrity of which the debt is a small […]

Greenland’s ice sheet saw record mass loss in 2019, study finds

(Reuters) – Greenland’s ice sheet lost a record amount of mass last year, according to a study published on Thursday, a finding that could prompt scientists to redefine their worst-case scenario as they assess the effects of climate change. FILE PHOTO: Crevasses form on top of the Helheim glacier near Tasiilaq, Greenland, June 19, 2018. […]

Knorr renames gypsy sauce Ahaonline.cz

“The name Gypsy sauce can be interpreted negatively, so we decided to give our Knorr sauce a new name. In a few weeks, you will find it on the shelf as Paprika sauce in the Hungarian style, “said the parent company Unilever for the German daily Bild. Already in June, Mars announced a change in […]

America runs out of change

(EFE) .- “Currently the US is suffering from a shortage of currencies. Please, use debit, credit or another type of contactless payment if possible.” This is how many establishments in the country receive customers when they announce one of the unexpected victims of the pandemic crisis. In the midst of the acute economic crisis, with […]