Fed up with Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson won’t reprise his character

In few words, a clumsiness that is proof of everything and a limited but hilarious gestures. Mr. Bean, the character created by the British actor and comedian Rowan Atkinson says goodbye to his most famous creation. “Stressful and exhausting”, this is how Rowan Atkinson described the situation for which he decided to put an end […]

The assault on mobile platforms of the king of video games | Trends

Covid-19 has not stopped King. The company, developer of the Candy Crush Saga, is about to launch a video game for mobile platforms where the protagonist will be the mythical marsupial Crash Bandicoot, the same one that conquered millions of people in the world of consoles. “Much of this game has been made during the […]

Jingdong Xu Lei: Players you can’t imagine may be subverting you-People-cnBeta.COM

At today’s annual meeting of Chinese business leaders, Xu Lei, CEO of JD Retail Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Becoming a Changing Friend in a Changing World”.Xu Lei said that JD is positioning itself as a technology company based on the supply chain, not an Internet company or a virtual economy company. He shared […]

Qiaoen Chen’s mobile phone number was leaked and asked netizens for help: Do you want to change the number? -People-cnBeta.COM

News on November 24th, #陈乔恩手机号被发现# was posted on Weibo hot search. original,This afternoon, Chen Qiaoen posted on the social platform that his mobile phone number was leaked, and received harassing calls repeatedly, “It’s really annoying, it’s disgusting.”While she blames herself,I also asked netizens online for how to deal with this problem, “What should I do […]