Merkel visited poisoned Kremlin critic Navalni in hospital | Abroad | News

28 september 2020 08u46 Source: ANP Michael Kappeler / dpa pool / dpa German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Abroad German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Russian opposition politician Alexej Navalni while he was being treated for poisoning in a Berlin hospital. That reported the magazine Der Spiegel. Navalni confirmed Merkel’s visit. Der Spiegel wrote that Merkel visited […]

Alexej Navalny: Federal government considers a poison attack on Navalny possible

Dhe federal government considers it very possible that a poison attack was carried out on the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday in Berlin that he was guarded by officers from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) at the Charité University Hospital. “After all, it is a patient on […]

The story of orphaned children that did not happen. The oldest boy invented it

Eva Ptáčková, the founder of the children’s store, became the victim. Her son, who worked with a 17-year-old boy, came home to tell a colleague caught stealing food. He apologized to her for the fact that his parents had died in an accident, and he took care of his two younger brothers himself so that […]

Rosická and Voláková captive to the shopping spree!

“Like a lens, it’s made in all possible ways,” Radka Rosická smiled and immediately added a few recipes. And what did Petra Eliáš pick up in her wheelchair? Voláková? “But we also focused on making the food quite healthy. We bought rice, pasta, legumes, beans, and some sauces for the pasta, but also flour, sugar, […]

Selena Gomez supports mental and mental health services .. Know her plan

Global star Selena Gomez decided to help a large group of young people, as Gomez, 28, revealed the creation of a fund to raise funds for mental health services, which was reported by many famous art sites such as “MrsCompany has committed Rare Beauty “Owned by the famous singer and a cosmetic company, he raised […]

Did Christianity become obsolete in Corona times?

This year it doesn’t work: Good Friday procession from 2019 in Lohr Am Main Picture: dpa The churches are open, but there are no services. Christianity did not have its day in the Corona crisis. The pandemic only exposes the self-related closeness cult to which charity has been made. Dhe services on Holy and Easter […]