Optical Illusion Reveals Surprising Secret in Image of Sports Complex

29.09.2023 19:13 (Akt. 29.09.2023 19:13) What is that? ©Facebook A fascinating optical illusion has captivated the football world. A picture of a sports complex with a training ground and gardens is causing guesswork on social media. But if you look closer, a surprising secret is revealed. Football fans around the world are currently fascinated by […]

New AI Image Generator from Nvidia and Getty: A Game Changer for Content Creators

A arrives new AI image generator from Nvidia and Getty, at a time when content creators are on the warpath. How is this tool different from others? New AI image generator from Nvidia and Getty; the creators on the warpath Misinformation, manipulation, lack of transparency are risks associated with the misuse of artificial intelligence, which […]

ChatGPT got a…voice

OpenAI has released a version of the popular chatbot ChatGPT that can interact with users through spoken word. As with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and other digital assistants, users can talk to ChatGPT and it will respond. For the first time, ChatGPT can also respond to images. Users can, for example, upload a photo of […]

Group of well-known writers sues company behind ChatGPT for use of texts | Tech

Sep 21, 2023 at 6:11 AM Update: 2 days ago A group of American authors is suing OpenAI. They say that the company behind ChatGPT is unlawfully using their work to train the AI ​​chatbot. Well-known writers have joined this group, including Game of Thrones-author George RR Martin. The authors also fear that they may […]

Velvet – Enter – 5 benefits that ChatGPT offers to job seekers

Are you looking for a job using traditional methods? It’s time to forget! We present the new trend in job hunting! Many people have already realized that artificial intelligence plays a key role in finding their dream job. Now we’re going to show you how to use ChatGPT so HR people can’t resist your resume! […]

China Approves Competitors for Text Robot ChatGPT in AI Business Expansion

Status: 08/31/2023 12:09 p.m China also has high hopes for the artificial intelligence business. Now the government has approved several competitors of the text robot ChatGPT. The state leadership controls exactly how the programs work. In the race with the West for technological supremacy in artificial intelligence (AI), China has taken the next step. The […]