Honduras Seizes Chemicals for Cocaine Manufacturing

San Pedro Sula, Honduras The Honduran authorities seized 1,213 liters of chemical precursors used to make cocaine hydrochloride from the United States, in an operation called “Hunter VII,” the National Police of the Central American country reported Thursday. The seizure occurred in the city of San Pedro Sula, department of Cortés, in northern Honduras, Honduran […]

They occupy former Ambassador Sanclemente’s farm and capture three people

Deputy prosecutor Martha Mancera reported Wednesday at a press conference that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police occupied the four properties of the former ambassador Fernando Sanclemente’s farm, located in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where a cocaine processing laboratory was found. Likewise, the official indicated that “three people who allegedly worked in the crystallizer were captured.” The […]

In a world drowned in oil, they discover another huge reserve in Brazil

Related news In a world that doesn’t know what to do with so much crude, Petrobras and Exxon Mobil Corp. have just found a large amount off the coast of Brazil. Petroleo Brasileiro SA, as the state-owned oil producer is officially called, announced a discovery with partners that the Brazilian oil regulator’s estimates estimated at […]

Mosquitoes and orchid Northwest: Love story. Almost. | news

Do not feel bad from not being noticed the bald leaf orchid. Native for bogs in the Northwest Pacific among other places, this small flower can easily be lost. It is green like the moss that grows out of it – down to its green flowers. “So this orchid is difficult to find out in […]

Ispo 2020 trade fair in Munich: sustainability in all its facets

CThe use of chemicals, fossil raw materials, plastic waste, transport madness, mess in production, gigantic energy and water consumption – all this is what drives the winter sports and outdoor industry. She wants to leave that behind. Some pioneers have been wanting this for quite a while and have been working on getting the curve […]