Suspects salmonella – pulls chicken

Norwegian chicken confirms to Dagbladet that salmonella is suspected in raw products from Solvinge and Prima. Chicken fillet, chicken fillet split, chicken tenderloin, shredded chicken fillet, chicken thigh fillet and chicken meat dough with ID code 8618 are now withdrawn, a press release states. your side – According to the precautionary principle, we want the […]

Eat up against the Covid-19: nuggets with my teen

The teen is confined. More than ever, he subscribes to the two main pillars of his existence: junk food and screens. And we must admit that in the fourth week of Mitard, we really let go of the trapeze of parental authority on the subject. What good is it to rebel against the dictatorship of […]

“The Ways of the Oyapock”, and sail the canoe

“I hate travel and explorers.” The famous word by Claude Lévi-Strauss, so shattering and so often commented, aimed above all to break away from the vogue of speakers and mass tourism. The ethnologist would later clarify that “The journey is not a goal but a means. […] What matters is not the tourism side but […]

“Haingosoa” tries its dance – Culture / Next

Haingosoa practice the cheerfulness of the mixture. We allow ourselves to smile in front of the demonstration of its powers – tangible even in the form of the film. If his images conceal a certain documentary quality, it is because fiction thus flows into the experience of a real family from Madagascar who inspired the […]