Do Not Underestimate, Recognize Five Covid-19 Symptoms In Children

PR CIREBON – Symptoms of being infected with the Corona virus are usually in the form of a persistent cough, rising body temperature, and loss of the sense of smell and taste (anosmia). However, the symptoms of Covid-19 differ in infants and children. Experts say there are at least five main symptoms, in babies and […]

Nutrition Experts Remind Parents to Give Various Types of Food to Children, Jakarta There are children who like only certain foods, for example, they only want to eat rice with chicken or rice with fish. However, parents should maintain the diversity of food given to their children, as stated by Rina Agustina, staff of the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (FKUI). According […]

A child struck off from school because he cannot wear the mask due to his illness

At the beginning of November, the government made it compulsory to wear masks for students from the age of 6. A decision with controversial reactions that definitely does not please everyone, but yet deemed necessary. Our little school children have been going to school wearing a mask ever since. The one and only exception for […]

These are the prizes for the El Niño 2019 draw | My money

The traditional draw for the Child closes Christmas today distributing 700 million euros, the same amount as last year. The great novelty of this 2019 is that they will be exempt from paying all prizes lower than 20,000 euros. The draw has started at 12.00 in the morning. The first prize went to the number […]

Christ’s daughter revealed her belly: Will little Miss be born ?!

Ivana Christová’s beautiful daughter is a pretty secretive woman, she managed to keep her baby and the wedding a secret for a long time. Her mother kept it under wraps. “Don’t be angry, but I can’t comment on that,” she told the daily Aha! former beauty queen. And so, over time, Daniela announced both news […]

Lee Jong-beom “Jae Jung-hoo, pay for my younger sister’s tuition”.. Baseball skills are also highly praised “You are so good” (‘Uncomfortable’)[종합]

[스포츠조선닷컴 정유나 기자] ‘Burning youth’ Lee Jong-beom praised his son Lee Jung-hoo, a baseball player. In SBS’Burning Youth’, which aired on the 1st, the journey of young people with Lee Jong-beom, who appeared as a friend of Park Jae-hong’s’Awakened’, was depicted. On this day, the youth had a hearty dinner from champon to meat grilled […]

Devastating news from Meghan Markle: The Duchess lost her baby in the summer

“I jumped to the ground with him in my arms, hummed a lullaby to calm us both, the cheerful melody contrasted sharply with my feeling that something was wrong. I hugged my firstborn baby and I knew I was losing another, ”Meghan continued. “A few hours later, I was lying on a hospital bed holding […]