Video: a herd of monkeys attacked a child on the beaches of Thailand

A family of influencers experienced moments of terror on the tourist beaches of Thailand where there was a herd of monkeys. A man, who was with his wife and his little children, wanted to drive them away and the animals got angry. The primates reacted and attacked the tourists, mainly one of the children. The […]

Promote child care in the hands of one’s own family

Ms. Pabinger, thank you for your lines on the “Berndorf Model” (SN, March 22).If the upbringing of the children is in the hands of one’s own family, then this is the most natural and beautiful thing for the child. And as a result, very positive for society as a whole. The crediting of child-raising periods […]

Osh: Police began checking on the fact of the death of a three-year-old child

Police in Osh have launched an investigation into the death of a three-year-old child who, according to relatives, fell into a well. This was reported to Kloop by the city police. Earlier, human rights activist Nazgul Turdubekova reported that a three-year-old child could have been killed in the village of Japalak, Osh region. She claims […]

Letter from the Copil Citoyen to the Honorable Faustin Boukoubi

Letter from the Copil Citoyen to the Honorable Faustin Boukoubi 18 mars 2023 Le Copil Citoyen sent a letter to the Honorable Faustin Boukoubi, President of the National Assembly of Gabon. Letter submitted on March 17, 2023 to the National Assembly. Libreville on March 17, 2023. Subject: Opening of a Parliamentary inquiry into the sinking […]

Are Falcao and Lorelei expecting their fifth child?

The networks exploded with the news of a new possible member of the García Tarón family. According to reports from the ‘KienyKe’ portal, Falcao and Lorelei are expecting a fifth child. The couple, who already have four children, three girls and a boy, would be awaiting the arrival of a fifth blessing that would be […]

Parents urge marriage to generate “rental girlfriend” business opportunities. Zhengmei reveals that “this time” is the busiest day and earns more than 10,000 | International | CTWANT

In mainland China, you can rent girlfriend services, and you can also hold fake wedding banquets. (Schematic / Pexels) Many parents always hope that their children can start a family and start a business as soon as possible, and the children will be urged to marry when they return home. This has also spawned the […]

The positive effect of toxicosis on the course of pregnancy and the child

American researchers, based on a series of recent studies, have expressed the opinion that women with morning sickness often have healthier pregnancies with less chance of miscarriage. According to experts, morning sickness also has a positive effect on the development of the fetus’s intelligence. But the researchers caution that these positive effects do not extend […]

Difficulty with the Vinczes? The longed-for child goes aside…

Adela and Viktor take their role as parents really responsibly, but the deadline has not yet passed when it is clear that the adopted child will remain in their care. That is why they also consulted with experts about their entry into the project – Adela in the role of a judge, while Viktor as […]