From today free vaccines are applied in the Family Medicine Units of the IMSS

MÉRIDA, Yuc.- From this Thursday and see you tomorrow Friday 4th September, children, adolescents and older adults, beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries, can go to the 24 Family Medicine Units of the IMSS to receive vaccinations for free. Vaccination posts are open during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., where minors and older adults can be […]

a rare hyperinflammatory syndrome detected in infected children

The children were relatively spared by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of their symptoms being mild, in the event of contamination. However, pediatricians have found a new hyperinflammatory syndrome “potentially fatal”, called “MIS-C”. This syndrome resembles Kawasaki disease, a condition that can appear in infants and children aged 1 to 8 years. It is characterized in […]

Lucie Vondráčková and the men of her life: Short loves, great afflictions!

Note that Lucie is simply lucky to have partners named Tomas! The last man was Tomáš, and it didn’t work out with him either. Plekanec fell in love with Lucie at first sight, and when they secretly married in 2011, everyone thought it was a relationship forever. After the birth of two sons, everything still […]

Agatha about returning to Prachar: Radical decision shocks!

Although the coronavirus pandemic has built up their divorce proceedings, now everything is in full swing. “The divorce has begun. I won’t say more about it. I hope it will be over soon. The wedding is more pleasant, of course, it’s not an easy thing. But life is not what you want, but what you […]

Reunion, a “laboratory” for the start of the school year in the metropolis?

If the island has so far been little affected by the epidemic, the number of Covid-19 cases is multiplying. “For the first time, Reunion is experiencing real viral circulation”, lamented, Friday August 21, the prefect Jacques Billant. As of Tuesday, August 25, 48 infected people were recorded in just 24 hours. The Regional Health Agency […]

Covid-19. Children’s role in contagion challenges scientists

South Korean scientists, whose study involved 91 children, found that the virus was still present in the swabs used in these minors up to three weeks after infection, even in the case of children with few or no symptoms of Covid-19. This means that, even when asymptomatic, children can, in theory, transmit the virus that […]

Mystery Karel Roden: Wedding! Laura Čekanová became his wife

Karel Roden was a partner of Jana Krausová for many years, but luckily the actors missed becoming a father. However, the couple met at a later age and it was no longer biologically possible for the actress to become a mother. Therefore, the partners came up with an unconventional solution. Roden had two offspring, Sofia […]