Line up China, foreign investors are flying – China Foreign Investment Xi Jinping

Mark Mobius, a prominent international investor and market expert, warned foreign investors in China a few months ago, ‘Thomasukuti, don’t leave with the money you get.’ Mobius said that the Chinese authorities have continued to clamp down on foreign investors with strict regulations. He could not even withdraw money from his HSBC bank account in […]

Taiwan’s foreign minister believes China prepares for war with Taiwan : PPTVHD36

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said, “It looks like China is trying to prepare for war with Taiwan.” After China completed a three-day encirclement exercise, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu In an exclusive interview with major media outlets like CNN, it condemned China’s military drills and warned that “it looks like they are trying to […]

How dare this be called news? Snowfall in the capitals of China and the United States CCTV: “Snow in China is positive energy and snow in the United States is negative energy” | China

It has snowed heavily in Weihai, Shandong Province, China, but citizens are still required to queue up for nucleic acid testing.Figure: Taken from Weibo The snow season is a positive phenomenon for snow lovers or snow sports enthusiasts; it is a negative phenomenon when snowfall affects daily life. However, some netizens found that China Central […]