Huawei has multi-year telecom chip reserves

By E.B. The Chinese company had already secured a sufficient volume of semiconductors for its business-to-business operations since last year, according to sources cited by this outlet. And these base station chips have a longer production cycle compared to those used in smartphones, he says. TheElec, which recalls that Huawei is a major provider of […]

Washington has also struck at China’s largest chip maker

The United States government has also imposed sanctions on exports to SMIC, China’s largest chipmaker. The move threatens Beijing’s dream to reduce its dependence on other countries in one of the most critical areas of technology, writes CNBC. Suppliers of certain SMIC equipment will need to request a special license. According to the US Department […]

Morena goes against junk food also on public roads

Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive. MEXICO CITY. The vice-coordinator of the Morena bench, José Luis Rodríguez, as well as legislators Isabela Rosales, Lourdes Paz and Ricardo Fuentes, will present next Wednesday at the Standing Commission of the local Congress, an initiative that not only prohibits the sale of food with high calorie content inside schools -as […]