Madrid celebrates the unbearable talent of Nicolas Cage with a film marathon

Nicolas Cage, the worst good actor or the best bad actor in the world, finally has the tribute he deserves. The F***ing Nicolas Cage Experience pays tribute to the winner of an Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas (nineteen ninety five). It will be this Saturday, June 18 at the mk2 Palacio de Hielo cinema in […]

What series and movies to watch today, June 18?

SERIES MAIN Related news Arizona, 1870 THE GREAT CHAPARAL United States, 1967-1971, WESTERN, 60 minutes approx. (4 seasons, 98 episodes). Fortunately for television historical memory, practically all of this justly mythical series is within our reach. Created by those responsible for “Bonanza”, here they went, however, several steps further, by presenting, through the life of […]

Jean Louis Trintignant dies: praise of the complete actor

In 2012, at the age of 82, Jean-Louis Trintignant had been retired from cinema for a decade. The one who had been one of the fundamental faces of the cinema was away from the screens and from public life. But in that 2012, Michael Hanecke presented him with his script for ‘Love’the story of the […]

Dear Indiana Jones

I never liked whips, but thanks to you I discovered that they could be an instrument at the service of good. At first, I thought you miserably copied Gary Cooper in For whom the Bell Tolls, with your borsalino and your leather jacket, but I soon understood that you were a shy man trying to […]

A Spain never seen in the cinema: ‘Intemperie’, by Benito Zambrano

Bad weather (2019) is a story of farmhouses and fields, of cracked land, drought and cruelty. Adaptation to the big screen of the homonymous novel by Jesus Carrascothis film, set in Spain in the 1940s, is not just another story of our post-war cinema. Neither his look, nor his aesthetics, nor his characters follow the […]

Why Didn’t Will Smith Work With Tarantino On ‘Django’?

Will Smith would have been on the poster django unchained, if it weren’t for the fact that the actor, now disappeared after the controversy at the Oscar Awards, rejected the job. What led the Hollywood star to decline his director’s offer? For Quentin Tarantino, he was her first choice, who would give life to the […]

Review of the movie ‘Jurassic Park. domain’

Released almost 30 years ago, ‘Jurassic Park’ is fondly remembered for its way of channeling the fascination with dinosaurs and giving away memorable and iconic moments. Its two original sequels were poorly received but, although inferior, they deserve to be rescued. ‘Jurassic World’ (2015) brought the new stage and was of interest in exhibiting the […]

The Huesca Film Festival shines on its 50th anniversary – Huesca

Su work in building bridges between cultures and the dissemination of values ​​such as diversity, respect or tolerance and the cinema has earned him to the Cervantes Institute to receive the Pepe Escriche award delivered by the Huesca International Film Festival, which opened the curtain on its 50th edition in style at the Teatro Olimpia. […]

The first James Bond completed his last mission on planet Earth at the age of 90

Elegant and versatile actor, but above all the first and for many “best James Bond of all time”, the Scotsman Sean Connery died at the age of 90reported the British media BBC. Considered until recently “the sexiest man alive”, The legendary actor from Fountainbridge, Scotland, passed away on Saturday night.surrounded by his family at his […]

Castagnino+Macro Museum commits to inclusive art

The Castagnino Museum + Macro of the Argentine city of Rosario has not been oblivious to the needs of people with disability. For some time now, it has had audio guides, pictograms and texts in the Braille system, to eliminate access barriers to the cultural heritage it treasures. See also: Fundación ONCE will bring inclusive […]