Citizenship needed

By Víctor Javier Correa VélezDoctor. Leading Participant To achieve well-being, social justice and economic progress, solid, effective, efficient, transparent states are required and capable of transforming reality, intervening in it to confront public problems. The above, within the framework of an adequate vision of development and in accordance with the current challenges of humanity, boosts […]

The Canarian Blood Donation Institute asks citizens to “plan their blood donations”

The Canary Islands Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH), has asked citizens to plan their blood donations in September, before joining their work and educational routine, according to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands. In this sense, he has reminded the population of the importance of donating blood regularly, every […]

Is dual citizenship legal?

Berlin. The Draft Law on the Modernization of the Right to German Citizenship, which facilitates the conditions for ‘dual citizenship’ and transitioning to German citizenship in Germany, was approved by the Council of Ministers. With the draft titled “Modernization of the Citizenship Law” prepared by the Ministry of Interior, the right to dual citizenship, which […]

Russian financier, who received a passport of the Kyrgyz Republic, said that the decrees on citizenship were classified because of the “insanity of Kyrgyz journalists”

Russian financier Mikhail Zhukhovitsky is dissatisfied with Kyrgyz journalists due to the fact that the Kyrgyz authorities have classified part of the presidential decrees “On admission to the citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic”. He wrote about this on his Facebook page. According to the Russian financier, 13 of his friends received Kyrgyz citizenship, but this […]

Call to Donate Textbooks: Ensuring Access to Education in Chihuahua

The local deputy for the National Action Party (PAN), Isela Martínez Díaz, urged citizens to participate in the donation of free textbooks from the previous school year, an initiative of the governor, María Eugenia Campos, prior to the start of classes on August 28. Given the legal situation that exists especially in the entity regarding […]

Major accident between a truck and a car in Charente – Angers Info

a driver slightly injured after an accident in Charente This Saturday, August 5, around 6:50 p.m., an accident occurred between a vehicle and a heavy goods vehicle near the Sigoulant Bridge in Terres-de-Haute-Charente, in Charente. The driver of the vehicle was slightly injured and taken to hospital. Around 6:54 p.m., this Saturday, August 5, an […]