Marvin California apologizes! My answer

Jun 27, 2022 11:40 Here are the excerpts from the last live stream for you! Friends, I’ve commented on the Marvin issue and of course… America news releases daily latest real-time breaking American headlines International thoughts from across the globe with the newest culture updates Marvin California apologizes! My answer Marvin California apologizes! My answer […]

Xi Jinping insists on clearing Zhong Nanshan: it is not advisable to increase the prevention and control layer by layer | Xi Jinping | Zhong Nanshan

[The Epoch Times, June 10, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Xia Song interviewed and reported) The catastrophic consequences of the “zero policy” have aroused concern. In addition to the “nine prohibitions” measures issued by the State Council of the Communist Party of China, doubts within and outside the system continue to emerge. During a recent inspection […]

Yan Dan: Nucleic acid for all staff to uncover the “free” painting skin | Free nucleic acid testing | Nucleic acid testing at your own expense | Nucleic acid tax

[Epoch Times, May 30, 2022]After the National Medical Insurance Bureau of the Communist Party of China shouted at the local medical insurance department that “medical insurance should not be used to pay for large-scale nucleic acid testing”, Langzhong, Sichuan fired the first shot of “normalized nucleic acid testing at their own expense” . The Paper […]

LED versus LFC lamps, which one spends less?

Las regulations Governments have been pressuring consumers for years to replace familiar incandescent light lamps con compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) y light-emitting diode (LED) lamps more energy efficient. The advances in CFL and LED technologies they have expanded the consumer’s choices, but they make evaluating your options a bit more complex. Know how the different […]

Music from the room next door

Culture “Arthur and Claire” at the Rémond Theater at the Zoo by Karl-Heinz Stier and Ingeborg Fischer (24.05.2022) One may initially doubt whether it is a tragedy or a comedy, but the play “Arthur and Claire” leaves the theatergoer in the dark. One thing, however, was clear: the path mapped out for two people living […]

“In the past, there were people who covered their ears and stole bells, and now there is Chunlan climbing the top” Chinese Vice Premier poses on the top of the building to pretend to inspect the epidemic | China | New Head Shell Newtalk

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan (4th from left) visited the Shanghai community recently and was caught posing for a show on the roof of a local building.Figure: flipping Weibo The outbreak of the Wuhan pneumonia outbreak in Shanghai, China, the official vowed to insist on “dynamic clearing”, but the epidemic is still out of control, […]