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For an exacerbated nationalist like Boris Johnson, it is who is driving the truck that matters. That he does it downhill and without brakes is no more than an anecdote without the slightest relevance IGNACIO MARCO-GARDOQUI Sunday 27 December 2020, 02:23 Boris Johnson is the best example, the living sample of British decadence. Comparing him […]

U.S. healthcare worker suffers allergic reaction to Pfizer vaccine

A healthcare worker from Alaska (USA) suffered a severe allergic reaction after receiving the vaccine against the covid-19 of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the third case of anaphylaxis in that state so far this week and the second that requires hospitalization. Health, a female doctor in the city of Fairbanks, experienced anaphylactic symptoms such as […]

Luis Amaranto Perea made merits to continue in Junior

Junior did not meet his 2020 goals. Conquering the title in the League and advancing, at least, to the semifinal of the South American Cup (after the elimination in the Copa Libertadores) were the objectives that were fought after the resumption of professional football in middle of the pandemic. They were not impossible. In fact, […]

Coquimbo 0, Junior 1: a sad victory

Another illusion that vanished. Another dream that got away. Junior closed 2020 with a sad victory. Despite beating Coquimbo Unido 1-0 last night, at the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso municipal stadium, the rojiblanco team said goodbye to the Copa Sudamericana in the quarterfinals by losing 2-1 in the first leg at the Metropolitano stadium. The Chilean […]

Slim is emerging as the first bidder in Oi’s business auction

The telecommunications company Oi, the largest fixed telephony operator in Brazil and which is in the process of judicial recovery, will auction its mobile phone network this Monday, in which the consortium made up of Claro, a subsidiary of América Móvil, together with Vivo and TIM is expected to be the only bidder. Despite market […]

On video | Maduro tried to blow out his birthday candle with a mask

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro celebrated his 58th birthday with an impressive party at the Miraflores Palace which was attended by several international artists, and which was the subject of numerous criticisms by personalities and citizens on social networks. Artists like Bonny Cepeda, Omar Enrique, Luis Lozada, Cristóbal Jiménez, Armando Martínez and a group of […]

From the hand of Viera, Junior qualifies for the quarterfinals of the Colombia Cup

The objective was achieved. It could have been without the drama of penalties, but ultimately, Junior fulfilled the mission and advanced this Wednesday to the quarterfinals of the Colombia Cup by defeating Envigado 4-3, in definition by shots from the penalty spot, after equaling 3-3 in 90 minutes of play. From the hand and feet […]

Claro goes ahead and presents its Christmas offers

Clear officially welcomed Christmas today by submitting your holiday offers, including contract and no-contract plans, free cell phones, and accessory discounts, among other benefits. Claro’s president, Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, acknowledged that at Christmas “everyone wants a new smartphone, tablet or laptop, buds or airpods, watches and / or speakers”. “At Claro it is a […]

Junior wins, but does not convince

At least he won. The three points and the permanence in the group of the top eight of the League standings it was the best of the Junior 2-1 win over Alianza Petrolera, at the Romelio Martínez stadium, on the penultimate day of the tournament’s regular phase. Germán Mera, at minute 44, catching a loose […]