Tropical Wave will cause rains in 30 entities of the country

The SMN predicts rains in almost all the national territory. Stock Photo: Cuartoscuro MEXICO CITY The interaction between Tropical Wave number 11 with a low pressure channel over the Campeche Sound, will cause intense rains in Chiapas, Guerrero and Oaxaca, as well as heavy point rains and intervals of showers in Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, […]

Summer is getting hotter – and it gets worse – climate protection

One of the most significant effects of climate change is constant warming. In summer this leads to a significant increase in heat waves. What used to be an extremely hot summer is now an average summer. Even the coolest summers of the past 25 years have mostly remained well above the long-term average before 1990. […]

Shell slashes asset value due to coronavirus

The oil giant Royal Dutch Shell massively devalued the value of its assets because of the impact of the coronavirus on demand and lasting market changes, two weeks after a similar measure by its rival BP. It will drop an asset impairment charge of $ 15 billion to $ 22 billion in its second quarter […]

Historic heat wave turns Siberia into a furnace

By Anton Troianovski Moscow – In June, it used to be normal to drive snowmobiles in Russkoye Ustye, a town in Siberia on the coast of Arctic Ocean. Last week, the temperature in the area reached 31 degrees Celcius (87.8 degrees Fahrenheit). “Nature may be taking revenge on us,” said Sergei Portnyagin, the highest authority […]

Living with biodiversity, inspiring examples

Published on : 05/20/2020 – 20:40 The health crisis that we are going through makes us wonder about our relationship with biodiversity. Eating wildlife or destroying forests are behaviors that scientists now consider risky. Some species carrying virus unknown until then can contaminate us and we know the rest … But be careful not to […]

containment has lowered global CO2 emissions

Published on : 05/19/2020 – 22:25 Containment caused a fall in the circulation of the coronavirus, but also a particularly notable drop in CO2 emissions: minus 17% worldwide at the height of containment. We suspected it, but for the first time a large scientific study measured the phenomenon and this is the subject of a […]