Corona pandemic: Do politicians now have to adjust the corona measures?

The situation in Bavaria’s clinics is tense. A Munich immunologist is also calling for masks to be compulsory in schools. How Bavaria’s Minister of Health assesses the situation. Incidences are currently falling Bayern. But the situation in the clinics is extremely tense – also because of Covid sufferers, emphasizes the chief physician at the […]

Communications from education and science – Important information for the clinic, German Society for Workflow Management in the Health Care System (DGWMiG) eV, press release

Any missing information impacts clinical productivity and causes dissatisfaction and wasted time. In order to check what contribution the individual activities make with regard to the provision of information, a clinic participating in our academic training surveyed and analyzed the “Prepare for admission” process. Then the optimization took place Avoid scrap time in the future […]

Breast cancer: what to take into account on this subject?

Hormonal, lifestyle, and environmental factors have been identified that may increase the risk of breast cancer. However, it is not clear why some people without risk factors get cancer, while other people with risk factors never get it. Breast cancer is likely to be caused by a complex interaction of genetic makeup and environment. Women […]

Starting “Remangate por la vida” this October 8 and 9, donate blood

“Remangate for Life 2022” is the 3rd edition of the campaign launched by the San José College Alumni Association, in support of the National Blood Program of the Ministry of Public Health, to raise awareness about the importance of donating blood, since it cannot be manufactured. On this occasion, blood will be donated equivalent to […]

Krefeld: Sick after corona vaccination – Stefan Lucks asks for donations

October 5, 2022 at 6:53 p.m „Post-Vac-Syndrom“ : Sick after corona vaccination: Krefeld is fighting for his old life Krefeld’s Stefan Lucks with his family. He suffers from ME/CFS, a serious neuroimmunological disease. In order to be able to pay for the expensive treatment, he has started an appeal for donations. Photo: Stefan Lucky Krefeld […]

He went to treat his migraine at a clinic and died in front of his partner

Emma Grainger died after falling into a coma following routine treatment. Her partner’s decision. A woman died in front of her partner’s eyes after a routine procedure to treat your migraine at a clinic that went “terribly wrong”. Emma Grainger, 51 and a native of the United Kingdom, spent 18 months in a coma after […]

More than 15 years controlling HIV without medication

The Hospital Clínic de Barcelona investigates the case of a patient who has been controlling the replication of HIV without medication for more than 15 yearsan “exceptional case of functional cure of AIDS”, which the team tries to unravel in order to replicate the immunological mechanisms of the woman in other affected people. The study […]

Staff shortages due to Corona: do we need new quarantine rules?

The Scholz siblings are apparently not united in brotherly harmony when it comes to Corona: One, Olaf, makes the rules as Chancellor. The other, Jens Scholz, CEO of the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital, struggles with it. He told the newspaper “Die Welt” that his hospital had to quarantine too many employees who had tested positive but […]