Intcomex and Licensing Online commercialize Microsoft Cloud solutions

Author: Microsoft announced the sum of Intcomex and Online Licensing wholesalers to its ecosystem of business partners in Mexico. Customers of both wholesalers will have access to the benefits of the Microsoft Partner Network To direct a greater number of distributors and customers to their digitization process, Microsoft Mexico announced the addition of wholesalers to […]

Ice storm: a country is experiencing the equivalent of the Quebec crisis of 1998

Saturday, November 21, 2020 at 8:45 am – The port city of Vladivostok in far-eastern Russia is currently buried in staggering amounts of ice, so a state of emergency has been declared. An intense snowstorm has hit the Vladivostok region hard in recent days. The impact of two powerful air masses would have caused this […]

The Weather Network – IN IMAGES – Hurricane Iota: a real disaster

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 8:54 am – Iota, the thirtieth tropical storm of the season, became a Category 5 hurricane as it bathed in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea. This cyclone is currently attacking Nicaragua. The island of Providencia has been almost completely devastated. In short : Iota reached category 5; It […]

Grupo Europea migrates its clients’ services to the cloud advised by Esprinet | Distribution

Recommended: Master complexity in the cloud Read Critical capabilities for microservices monitoring Read Grupo Europea is an expert technological partner in consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of Advanced Computer Systems, whose latest challenge has been to migrate the services of all its clients to the cloud, including the Manuel María Romero Dental Clinic and the […]

Free ARM Template courses – Microsoft Learn!

Hello programmers! Look at us here again! And bringing more news and free courses! Today we are going to talk about a resource called ARM Template. This resource is very important especially for those people who use Azure, and they need to do it efficiently and mainly to implement with Infrastructure as code !! But […]

Microsoft Cloud Systems Administrator mercamundo

Company: RDT Province: Bizkaia Population: Bilbao Description: At RDT Ingenieros, we offer you the opportunity to become a Microsoft Cloud Systems Administrator. You will be part of our Systems team within the RDT technological area in Bizkaia. The tasks that you will have to carry out in your day to day are the following: • […]

Cloud training grows 90% among Microsoft partners in Spain

Drafting. Microsoft has intensified in the last year its commitment to the training of its partner channel in Spain with multiple face-to-face and online training activities, as well as through professional certification courses in its most advanced technologies. According Carolina Castillo, director of Microsoft partners in Spain, last fiscal year the technology multinational trained in […]

Azure and Teams give Microsoft more revenue than expected | Technology

According to its latest quarterly report, the company grew its revenues by 12%, reaching 37.154 million dollars, a significant growth, compared to the revenues of the same period in 2019. The company’s most successful vertical was Azure, which grew 48%, compared to 47% in the previous quarter, and although the brand does not disclose its […]

Hurricane, snow and freezing cold: three things to watch out for this week

Monday, October 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM – The last days of October will be hectic continent-wide. Between snowstorms, hurricanes and freezing cold, see what awaits us. Three things to watch for this week 1- Zeta, the 11th hurricane of the season will make landfall in the United States Zeta formed over the past weekend […]