How antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine can delay memory loss

New study shows slower cognitive decline with flavonoids. Know which foods are recommended Eating more flavonoids, the antioxidants found in many vegetables, fruit, tea and wine, may slow the rate of memory loss, claims a new study. The cognitive scores of people in the study who ate the most flavonoids declined 0.4 points per decade […]

China puts under lockdown the city where iPhones are manufactured

Lockdown is justified by the increase in new cases of covid in Zhengzhou, but it will also allow better control of protests by workers at Foxconn, the world’s largest supplier to Apple Chinese authorities have decreed five days of lockdown in almost the entire city of Zhengzhou, where there have been clashes between police and […]

Drink this type of milk to stay healthy – and it’s also good for the planet

When it comes to knowing which is the best milk for the planet – animal or plant-based – environmentalists will say that there is no doubt: plant-based milk always wins. Advances in major dairy producing countries such as China, Italy, New Zealand and the United States (US) have dramatically increased modern milk production per cow. […]

Need to refuel your car? wait for monday

Fuel prices should drop significantly from next week. Check how much the liter of diesel and gasoline will go down The liter of diesel and gasoline should drop, on average, eight cents per liter from next Monday, tells CNN Portugal a market source based on the price of oil and refined products on international markets. […]