Horta Osório invests 3.66 million euros for less than nine months at Credit Suisse

Financial Times reveals remuneration of the Portuguese banker, which includes a premium of 1.06 million in ‘cash’ on leaving the Swiss bank PUB During the period of gestation of a baby, around nine months, António Horta Osório collected 3.66 million euros in remuneration from Credit Suisse. This global amount includes the remuneration due for the […]

Texas: Synagogue hostage situation ended – all hostages released

abroad Texas Hostage-taking in synagogue ended – hostage-taker is dead Stand: 16.01.2022| Reading time: 3 minutes Police cars in front of the Good Shepherd Catholic Community near the synagogue Source: AFP/Emil Lippe Large-scale operation by FBI and SWAT units near Fort Worth: a man had taken several hostages in a synagogue in the US state […]

The dangerous shadow world of Donald Trump

The ex-president has a problem: most of the mass media ignore him. He remains blocked on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That is why Donald Trump has created his own dangerous media reality. “I want our country back,” said Donald Trump a few days ago in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, the well-known Fox News commentator […]

Cnn, possible summons on Trump investigation into Capitol assault – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 15 – Bennie Thompson, the (dem) chairman of the House Committee investigating the attack on Congress on January 6, does not exclude, if necessary, also citing Donald Trump for a deposition. CNN reports it. The former president has so far invoked executive privilege to obstruct the investigation, asking his former aides […]

Undersea mountain or something else? Experts explain the collision of a nuclear submarine

The USS Connecticut nuclear submarine crashed into an “unknown object” on Saturday in the South China Sea while sailing underwater. Fifteen sailors were slightly injured, and the nuclear power unit was not damaged, according to US command. The machine arrived on the island of Guam on Friday. 1:03 What has the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine […]

Study reveals that recovering lost sleep takes longer than you think

An article published on CNN based on World Sleep Day statistics reports that sleep problems constitute a “global epidemic that threatens the health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population. Many believe that it is possible to recover from this sleep deficit by sleeping well for a night or two, […]