When the Covid-19 is just a cold

The way in which the Covid-19 epidemic will evolve in the coming weeks, especially since the emergence of more contagious variants, is, and rightly so, a major concern of the population, doctors, and authorities. This issue does not prevent us from also wondering about a more distant future. Will we one day be rid of […]

Will Covid-19 soon be as harmless as a cold?

Dr. Karen Zoufal | 01/22/2021 When SARS-CoV-2 becomes endemic, i.e. circulates in the population, most people come into contact with the virus for the first time in childhood. Infections at this age are usually mild and result in immunity that protects people from serious illness later in life, but does not prevent regular re-infections. Re-infection […]

Exposed in the cold: five young cats parked in sacks on the street in Vienna

20.01.2021 11:35 (Akt. 20.01.2021 17:30) These five little cats were put in a plastic bag and simply left to their own devices © Veronika Blum On Tuesday afternoon, the City of Vienna’s animal rescue team moved to the 21st district. An attentive local resident made a shocking discovery. The animal rescue team in Vienna has […]

Climate in Guadalajara: The ZMG registers a minimum temperature of 2.3 degrees

Cold front 27 enters Mexico through Chihuahua and Coahuila, Therefore, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) foresees that during this Friday and the weekend it will travel the slope of the Gulf of Mexico, leaving a cold environment and lowering temperatures throughout the country, also affecting Jalisco and the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (ZMG). Likewise, a system […]

in a few years, it could be just a cold

What we are experiencing today could become a distant nightmare in a few years. According to American researchers, this is the most predictable scenario for SARS-Cov-2. To arrive at these predictions, researchers Jennie Lavine at Emory University and her colleagues Ottar Bjornstad and Rustom Antia at Pennsylvania State University drew on immunological and epidemiological data […]

More than 20 cm of snow in the northeast, cumulative amounts unseen for 10 years!

Guillaume Woznica Aujourd´hui 5 min This snowy episode described as “remarkable” by meteorologists has kept all its promises with cumulative amounts regularly exceeding 10 cm in the plains from Avesnois to Alsace. This degradation was the consequence of the passage of a disturbance descending from the North Sea and undulating over these regions between Thursday […]

hot day, with light rain

Millennium Digital Mexico City / 13.01.2021 07:36:56 Get out the umbrella! In Mexico City there will be hot weather at noon; However, the cloudy sky will dominate and light rain in the evening, reported the National Meteorological Service (SMN). Here we leave you the weather for today in CdMx: TEMPERATURE Maximum of 20 a 22°C. […]

Wet and cold: More dead homeless people on Hamburg’s streets

Four homeless people died on the street in Hamburg within a week. This accumulation of deaths prepares the Hamburg street magazine „Hinz und Kunzt “big worries. The left also demands:” Hamburg must act quickly “. On New Year’s Eve, a 48-year-old homeless man was found dead near the jetties. The police announced this „Hinz and […]