The College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts in Al-Ahliyya Amman City honors the students’ mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day

Main universities 5 seconds ago Watan al-Youm: Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Sari Hamdan, President of the University, the Faculty of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts honored the mothers of the college students. They were received by Prof. Dr. Fayez Haddad, Dean of the Faculties of Business and Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, and […]

Blumio – Kollegah & Farid Bang Imitation [Video]

Blumio drops the next track to his German rap imitations EP “MeineFavoritrapper” and this time it’s dedicated to Kollegah and Farid Bang. On his track “Fight Club” he brings the voices of the two to life and delivers lyrics that sound almost tailor-made. Blumio was responsible for the beat himself, the video was made by […]

Webinar “Mastering your history-geography programming”

As part of the educational animation in history-geography, a webinar entitled “Mastering your programming” is offered to you by the regional pedagogical inspection of the Créteil academy on March 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. Registrations must be made with your head of establishment: Collective registration campaign on GAIA “Responsible”: From February 9, 2023 […]

In balance with yoga

Chapter 1 – The foundations of yoga Chapter 2 – Physical fitness assessment Chapter 3 – Postures Chapter 4 – The structure of the sessions and the sequences Chapter 5 – Breathing Chapter 6 – Methods of mental appeasement Chapter 7 – Integrative projects Numerical components for the student: Digital book Complementary videos […]

Chances of Passing SNMPTN 2023 (SNBP), Prospective Students Must Understand Page all

Rewrite this content – The 2023 Achievement-Based National Selection Process (SNBP) or earlier SNMPTN has started. This State University (PTN) entry route is specifically for grade 12 students. The 2023 SNBP route is the report card route, so the assessment is based on report card scores from semesters 1-5. Then, how to calculate the […]

8 Countries That Offer Free S1, S2, and S3 Tuition, You Must Know Page all – Students or prospective students who wish to continue studying from undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral degree abroad can consider 8 countries that offer free tuition without the need to register for a scholarship. These eight countries have long ago eliminated tuition fees in their countries. In fact, some of these countries are known for […]