“A bug in the intersectional matrix”

A protest rally against the Evras program on September 7. ERIC LALMAND / AFP CHRONICLE – Every Monday, for Le Figaro, our columnist takes an ironic look at the news. This week, he is interested in the upheaval caused, in French-speaking Belgium, by training on sex education which is now compulsory in middle school. At […]

“Child killed in Nîmes, where have the outraged gone?”

By Edouard Tetreau Published on 08/27/2023 at 21:30, Updated yesterday at 09:32 Edouard Tetreau. Fabien Clairefond TRIBUNE – After the shooting death of Fayed, a 10-year-old child, in Nîmes, during a settling of scores between traffickers, the essayist regrets that this tragedy does not arouse a strong political reaction and calls for a fight against […]

a chance for France”

Gaëtan de Capele. Le Figaro. EDITORIAL FROM LE FIGARO – In an environment that is more complex and unpredictable than ever, our champions are increasing their activities all over the planet, at the same time as their profitability. The big French companies are doing well. Very well even. The war in Ukraine is destabilizing the […]

“We, local elected officials, call for the de-escalation of violence”

FIGAROVOX/TRIBUNE – After the three nights of riots that followed the death of a 17-year-old young man in Nanterre, a hundred elected officials from all over France signed a text calling for an immediate end to all violence. Only justice will ease the pain of the family, they explain. The death of Nahel, this Tuesday, […]

Luc Ferry: “National education: priority projects!”

By Luc Ferry Posted yesterday at 07:00, Updated yesterday at 15:57 Luke Ferry. Jean-Christophe MARMARA/Le Figaro CHRONICLE – If our children are not geniuses in maths, physics or biology, we will have to direct them towards professions that will not be impacted by artificial intelligence. Here are the five priority projects that must be addressed […]

“SOS work in danger”

Gaëtan de Capele. Le Figaro THE FIGARO EDITORIAL – The explosion of sick leave is one of the most spectacular symptoms of the downgrading of work. The rehabilitation of the work value dear to Emmanuel Macron will not be an easy task. After decades of political discourse striving to demonize it, we come to fear […]

Fundecitrus professionals participate in Congress in Argentina

A team of specialists from Fundecitrus recently participated in the X Argentine Citriculture Congress in Concordia, Argentina. More than 400 professionals participated in the event, such as producers, researchers, students and national and international references in citriculture and industry, whose main theme was scientific and technological innovations for the sustainable development of citriculture. Fundecitrus researcher […]

“No, Louis XIV is not a ‘foreigner who made the history of France'”

Vincent Haegele. Fabien Clairefond TRIBUNE – A poster for the new Museum of the History of Immigration presents Louis XIV as “one of those foreigners who made the history of France”. For the historian and essayist Vincent Haegele, director of the Versailles library, this historical untruth testifies to a desire to persuade the French that […]

we visited the controversial exhibition of the Museum of the History of Immigration

The new permanent exhibition opens on June 17, at the Palais de la Porte Dorée. laurencesoulez – stock.adobe.com CHRONIC – The new permanent exhibition, prepared by historian Patrick Boucheron, sets out to demonstrate that France has always been a country of immigration and that the only obstacle to the integration of immigrants is the racism […]