Cinema and Reconciliation Festival, Diocese of Grenoble

Of 27/10/2023 au 21/10/2023 has Spectacle Lieu : Sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette Meeting the other… Others, the @other,(???) the Other Meeting the other…Of others, of the @other, (???) of the Other 13th editionUnder the sponsorship of Mgr Emmanuel Gobilliard14 sessions followed by a debate Friday October 27 10:30 a.m. at La Salette-Fallavaux […]

Ten Young People from Various Countries Begin Peace Service in the Diocese

Ten young people from Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Uganda and Brazil have been carrying out peace service in our diocese since the beginning of September. The eleventh generation of reverse volunteers has arrived in the diocese. After a first week of seminars, they are currently familiarizing themselves with their placements for the first time and then […]

Is it true that women go more to the psychologist? How does gender affect mental health?

The complicated socioeconomic context together with the progressive normalization of the expression of emotions has placed mental health at the center of public debate, thus ending the stigmas traditionally associated with it and causing a boom in demand for online psychologists. At least this is what emerges from the conclusions of the i Study of […]

USB Public Employment – Health: The National Health Service is on the verge of the abyss: eliminate all funding to private individuals and return to the original spirit of the NHS

Il report on the “Coordination of public finance” of the Court of Auditors it certifies in black and white the existence of the abyss into which the National Health Service is destined to fall. The inflation that is already devouring the meager funding of the National Health Fund will cause a real decrease of 11.5% […]

Live Celtic vs Athletic Today August 1, 2023: Watch the Exciting Match!

(Free>>>>) Live Celtic vs Athletic today August 1, 2023 FREEDOM FOR THE BASQUE COUNTRY!!!! WOW ATHLETIC!!! HEAVY METAL FOR EVER!!!!!!!! Replies to topic Showing (16 – 30) of 30 replies Reply #16 on Sunday at 5:21 p.m. I wish I could see it “in situ”. I really want to visit Scotland and if you can […]

Bordeaux wants to separate from Gaëtan Poussin

© Iconsport Under contract until 2025 It is not a secret, Gaëtan Poussin if he has progressed, is not unanimous on his performances within the sports management of the Girondins de Bordeaux. Indeed, the Bordeaux goalkeeper did not reassure in certain matches and conceded avoidable goals. Is he the goalkeeper the Girondins need to move […]

“Traffic on Pont Neuf in Poitiers to be Closed for Renovation Work”

As of August 28, traffic on the Pont Neuf in Poitiers, in Vienne, will be closed for work. This Monday, April 24, the town hall of Poitiers gave the first information concerning the construction site of the Faubourg du Pont Neuf, in Vienne. According to our colleagues from France Bleu, at the end of the […]