Václav Šorel, the author of famous cut-outs and comics, died

Václav Šorel originally made his living as a designer at Avia. In 1984, he joined the children’s magazine ABC and began creating popular cut-outs. He later became deputy editor-in-chief. He was also known for his writing and screenwriting activities, comics such as the Brain Riot, Operation Jericho or Galaxia belong to cult pieces in the […]

Mega Man Live-Action Confirms Production With “Big News” Soon

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord Mega Man is one of those classic franchises. Since 2D as its golden age, the franchise has flirted with third-dimensional technology in a series of installments that seem to find no established balance. However, the series of Capcom that traces its origins to […]

platforms are trying to convert the French

DECRYPTION – Compared to the United States and especially to Japan, our country remains very reluctant to read paid comics on computer, tablet or smartphone. Has containment changed the game? Today, digital represents only between 1.5 and 2% of the overall turnover of comics. Usage is increasing slowly each year. lev dolgachov / Syda Productions […]

BD Métal Hurlant’s comeback in 2021

The news sounded like a thunderclap against a blue sky. Fifteen years after its last issue, the legendary comic book magazine Screaming metal announces its return to newsstands for 2021. It is offered for the occasion a blanket signed by the young prodigy Ugo Bienvenu, where we discover an elegant black and gold robot, at […]

Macron smiling with a T-shirt against police violence in his arms

In Angoulême Thirty five years after the arrival of President François Mitterrand in Angoulême, the arrival of Emmanuel Macron at the 47th edition of the International Festival of Comics could not fail to arouse excitement and apprehension. This trip “on the ground” logically created a wind of panic among all festival-goers, Angoumoisins, and of course […]

“I have always been fascinated by Arthurian legends”

Nakaba Suzuki has been published in France since 2011 (with Kongoh Bancho Kana editions). But it was in 2014, with Seven Deadly Sins (Pika editions), that it met with phenomenal success. Freely inspired by the Arthurian myth, Seven Deadly Sins offers us a pure adventure shonen (manga for teenagers), with an original fantasy scent. Before […]

Supergroom or Spirou revisited in comics sauce

Did you know that Spirou and Superman were born the same year, in 1938? Beyond the coincidence, it seems rather surprising that no one has ever thought of bringing these two popular characters together. Here is an oversight repaired thanks to Supergroom, a cheerful and twirling album simmered by the Yoann and Vehlmann duo (The […]

Asterix and its inventor: The revolution of René Goscinny

Goscinny had discovered his purpose in life by making other people laugh. If you had laughed at the figure of Hitler, the illustrator would have said, the world would have been saved 60 million dead. But the profession of the comic book writer did not exist. According to Goscinny, anyone who wanted to make such […]

Over a hundred bookstores are trying to deconfinate books

“Click and collect“,”pickup“,”drive“: What is happening is so new that we have not yet found a word in French to say it. In any case, the bookstores – closed since March 16 and today in the red like many other local shops – have been opening their doors for a few days to allow you […]