“Democracy crisis is coming” US foundation provides $500 million in support to local media

The United States, where ‘news desertification’ is a serious problem in which local media is disappearing, is providing $500 million (approximately 600 billion won) to local media, mainly non-profit organizations. ▲ Nonprofit foundations participating in the local media support plan. Photo = Press Forward website. The US MacArthur Foundation announced its ‘Press Forward’ plan on […]

In the video: Sports journalist Adel Babakir refuses to apologize to Al-Ittihad fans due to the news of Mohamed Salah’s arrival

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Adel Babakir refused to apologize to Al-Ittihad fans for being alarmed by the news of the arrival of Liverpool’s English-Egyptian player Mohamed Salah. In response to the broadcaster’s question, “Do you apologize to the Al-Ittihad fans?” Babakir said that he said there were negotiations. The broadcaster responded: “No, you said and […]

Al-Bashir to Al-Watan: The coming days are decisive in liberating our regions, and we will continue until we achieve our goal… The clans of Deir Ezzor announce the general mobilization and expel the “SDF” from several cities and towns

The state of escalation and violent clashes continued for the third day in a row in the cities and towns of the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor between the armed men of the so-called “Deir ez-Zor Military Council” and the militias of the “Syrian Democratic Forces – SDF”, against the backdrop of the latter’s arrest […]

Hit by a car coming the opposite way, assaulted for trying to call 999

Mobasshir Kadir (23), a student of a private university, was traveling in a private car in front of Pallabi police station in Mirpur of the capital. Meanwhile, a battery-powered rickshaw coming from the opposite direction hit his car. The student was attacked and injured after protesting the incident and calling the National Emergency Service number […]

Number of corona infections will increase in the coming weeks due to mutation

According to the organization, some new subvariants of the virus are circulating. They have been given the collective name F456L. One of those versions is EG.5, which has been appearing more and more in the Netherlands in recent weeks. The adaptations allow the virus to bypass people’s defenses and still infect them. People are unlikely […]

Tweet can no longer be tweeted, post button is coming

Elon Musk, one of the richest men in the world, always likes to be in the center of discussion. Therefore, from the day Elon Musk’s name was associated with the social media platform, Twitter has not left behind criticism. Twitter is in the discussion for various reasons. Blue Tick came with subscription a long time […]