Dax closes in the red after a long downtime

Düsseldorf The leading German index ended a trading day with an involuntary break of 0.4 percent in minus at 12,260 points. After a friendly start, the Xetra trading system had stood still for almost three hours. After the trade interruption, the mood on the German stock market changed. With the restart of trading, the Dax […]

The economy wakes up – the upswing begins

With its monthly business climate survey of 9,000 companies, the Munich Ifo Institute has a very early insight into the economic situation. In May and June, this sentiment indicator had risen sharply – as it had previously crashed. In fact, many leading indicators have been sending signs of hope for economic recovery since June. The […]

Savings plans cause controversy: Commerzbank cancels Supervisory Board meeting

Commerzbank has to save money. However, it is still unclear how many branches will close and jobs will be cut. The planned supervisory board meeting was canceled at short notice. Apparently because important documents were not submitted in time. New savings plans at Commerzbank cause disputes before a final decision is made. The extraordinary meeting […]

Dax & dates in the daily stock exchange report

Düsseldorf Investors long for positive news, after all, they have become rare. At the start of the new stock market week, it is expected that the leading German index Dax will yield further towards the 12,000 mark. On off-exchange platforms, the Frankfurt stock exchange barometer was down more than 0.5 percent on Monday morning after […]

Commerzbank could apparently cut up to 7,000 jobs | 28/06/20

Commerzbank, which has been partly nationalized since the financial crisis, could cut up to 7,000 jobs as part of the sharper austerity measures already announced. In addition, around 400 branches are to be closed, the Bloomberg news agency reported on Saturday, citing persons familiar with the matter. This would result in significantly more job and […]

Wirecard: Fateful days for Wirecard

The new CEO James Freis and Supervisory Board Chairman Thomas Eichelmann had been negotiating with the approximately 15 creditor banks since the penultimate Friday. Under the leadership of Commerzbank, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg and the two major Dutch banks ABN Amro and ING, they granted Wirecard a credit line of EUR 1.75 billion about two years ago. […]

Padest miliard na neexistujcch tech. Konkurent PayPalu m pote

Bval editel generln editel Marcus Braun uvedl, e se spolenost zejm stala soust masivnho podvodu.V souasn dob nen jasn, zda dolo k podvodnm transakcm na kor spolenosti , ekl Braun pro server Deutsche Welle. Wirec PayPal ard pod stnost na neznmho pachatele, dodal. PayPal PayPal je systm digitln penenky, kter umouje pevody penz mezi jednotlivmi […]

Wirecard is missing in the accounts of eur 1.9 billion

The shares of the German financial company Wirecard fell by more than 60 percent in response to the announcement that once again postponed the publication of the results of operations for last year. The auditors of the company EY refused to sign last year’s results, because they can not confirm the amount of eur 1.9 […]

ECB ready for additional bond purchases

European Central Bank (ECB) The ECB bond purchase program, which runs under the name PEPP, could be strengthened from June. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The European Central Bank (ECB) is ready to expand its emergency bond purchase program to deal with the corona crisis (PEPP) in June if necessary. This is evident from the minutes of […]