King’s Commissioner Berends temporarily resigns from his duties

Berends is under fire after accusations of inappropriate behavior, which the newspaper De Gelderlander reported last week. The commissioner has asked the Provincial Council ‘to conduct a factual investigation into the integrity violations of which I am accused as King’s Commissioner and to discover the deeper background to the allegations’. He says he will temporarily […]

USB Public Employment – Health: The National Health Service is on the verge of the abyss: eliminate all funding to private individuals and return to the original spirit of the NHS

Il report on the “Coordination of public finance” of the Court of Auditors it certifies in black and white the existence of the abyss into which the National Health Service is destined to fall. The inflation that is already devouring the meager funding of the National Health Fund will cause a real decrease of 11.5% […]

Fixing patients, mesh beds. Psychiatrists are sometimes even worse than prison (interview)

What the toilets, showers and intimacy look like. The Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities recently monitored the observance of the human rights of persons with disabilities in other psychiatric facilities in eastern Slovakia. The office has been monitoring psychiatric facilities since 2019. The article continues under the video advertisement The article continues […]

Regime removes direction of El Chipote from commissioner Luis Alberto Pérez Olivas

The Daniel Ortega regime removed General Commissioner Luis Alberto Pérez Olivas, director of the El Chipote prison, a site designated for years as a torture center, police sources reported. The sources linked to the Police assure that it was a demotion because he was transferred as chief of the III district of Managua, as verified […]

Walter Sittler: An American-German Actor and Film Producer

American-German actor and film producer Walter Sittler was born December 5, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois He has lived with his wife in Stuttgart-Möhringen since 1988. They have three adult children.Her son Benedikt works in London for the fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. He came to Germany with his family in 1958 as the youngest of eight […]

At the Prime Minister’s Office: Mr. Ouhoumoudou Mahamadou receives the Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Acting President of the ARSN

Share to networks The Prime Minister, Head of Government met yesterday afternoon with the Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Omer Kebiwou Kalameu. At the end of this hearing, the Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, explained that he had […]