S-UBG supports German management in the takeover of the British Palmer Hargreaves group

Aachen, May 19, 2020 – S-UBG AG, Aachen’s leading private equity firm for medium-sized companies, is acquiring 100 percent of the shares in the British communications agency Palmer Hargreaves together with three German managers as part of a management buy-out (MBO). The management trio based at the German location in Cologne Jörn Langensiepen, CEO of […]

The French expect more from brands

The crisis has increased the demands of consumers in terms of price, work or ecology. 66% of consumers now think that what brands communicate does not correspond to reality. 57838481 / tanialerro – stock.adobe.com “A new capitalism, as it calls for Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire, requires new advertising “, according to the advertiser […]

“Screen Walks”, refurbished screens – Culture / Next

During the pandemic, the borders were closed, the lines of demarcation were widened and the gestures were “barriers”. Paradoxically, partitions have also fallen. Those of our domestic spaces via webcams, our tools and digital data, but also those of communication formats. In the confined world, projects have become collaborative, behind the scenes has gone into […]

How to avoid talking about coronavirus in all conversations | Good Life

Due to the coronavirus crisis, BuenaVida is not in kiosks. Download it free here It seems impossible to talk about anything else. Whether it’s with the family, with a friend in the other part of the world, with the neighbors or the grocer in the market, there is no way that the conversation will escape […]

communication race alert

Will it be possible one day to find an effective drug against Covid-19? This question, which is arousing legitimate interest worldwide, has been causing a somewhat disturbing communication race for the past few weeks. And in which certain scientists or health institutions visibly eager to put themselves forward take part, announcing very preliminary and not […]

ANALYSIS on the PS5: how to explain the silence of Sony?

This year should see the arrival of a new generation of consoles with the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. Fans are eager to find out what these new machines will be capable of, and we have already had a first glimpse of the games expected on the next consoles thanks to a Xbox […]

Masks: war is declared between mass retailers and healthcare professionals

Has large retailers taken advantage of the crisis to accumulate stocks of masks despite the shortage and rationing which health professionals continue to suffer from? This is what he accuses him of with barely covered words of seven professional orders of health, including those of doctors, nurses and pharmacists. In a vehement joint statement issued […]

Slack holds employees together, says head of Germany

Dusseldorf The tech company Slack is a big winner of the crisis: Since the corona virus is forcing office workers to work from home, the number of users has increased by 25 percent. Because one of the biggest problems in the home office is coordinating with colleagues. And emails to meter-long distribution lists only cause […]

Chat with colleagues – how to use Slack and Co. properly

Dusseldorf Christian Pokropp needs three monitors to keep an overview. Slack is open on one. He chats with his colleagues in Berlin and with those in Duisburg he uses Skype. On the next screen, Microsoft Teams is open for video conferencing. And he has just released a corona update to all employees in the capital […]