The Baby League celebrates its second concentration

On January 23, the 2nd concentration of the Futsal Baby League, in which the following 11 teams participate: – C.D. Adra Miló Gadés Abdera – CD El Ejido Futsal – CD Federico Garcia Lorca Vicar – C.D. Huércal – C.D. Huércal B – CD Oriente – C.D. Sporting F.S. Almería – CDUD Loma de Acosta […]

Lawyer planned her murder so her son would collect insurance

Lawyer planned his murder so that his son would collect insurance, but he survived. The crime was organized after his wife tragically passed away. It is the story of an influential American lawyer who planned his assassination. However, he ended up being charged with fraud by the insurance company. The case The case of an […]

Concentrations of coronavirus are rising in wastewater from several cities

At week 34, coronavirus concentrations began to increase markedly in several of the major cities studied, the National Center for Public Health wrote. An increase is observed in the studied cities of the Budapest agglomeration (Tököl, Biatorbágy, Szigetszentmiklós, Budakeszi, Százhalombatta), In Kecskemét, Miskolc, In Pécs, In Salgótarján, In Szombathely. As it was written, the measured […]

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition

Alert in Antioquia for the death of three children due to malnutrition. The Antioquia Government expressed its concern and put all entities on alert. There has been an increase in the deaths of children due to malnutrition, which is why the departmental administration set off the alarms. They die from malnutrition According to Blu Radio, […]

‘Manolo’ did not accept the charges and lawyer says he will prove his innocence

Ismael Darío Lopera Tangarife, better known as ‘Manolo’, did not accept the charges against him. The man denies the accusations of child abuse and according to his lawyer, “we will prove his innocence.” ‘Manolo’ is in prison On July 10, Ismael Darío Lopera Tangarife, better known under the alias of ‘Manolo’, was sent to prison. […]

President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community

The president’s visit to the island of Providencia left the inhabitants unpleasant. President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community. Last Friday, the president visited the island to review the vaccination process. The president also spoke about the progress in home repairs after Hurricane Iota that left the island devastated. During his visit, it […]