James Blake doesn’t give bad concerts, just slightly inferior ones

review Concert James Blake in his habitat: at his keyboard. — © Fleur De Backer British producer James Blake longs for the dance floor on his new record, but he was unable to transform Vorst Nationaal into a rave. There was no well-thought-out tension for this. However, there is no shortage of beautiful moments. James […]

Evin İlyasoğlu: New concert season in Izmir

Last week I was at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center in Izmir. I was once again impressed by the magnificence of the building and the perfect acoustics of the concert hall. Ahmed Adnan Saygun (1907-1991) is a member of the first generation of polyphonic composers, the Turkish Five. He was born in Izmir and took […]

Eminem Reunites with 50 Cent on Final Lap Tour: A Legendary Hip-Hop Moment

As part of 50 Cent’s “Final Lap Tour”, Eminem and 50 Cent were on stage together again. The first time since the Superbowl reunion last year. In Eminen’s hometown of Detroit last weekend, the rapper couldn’t miss the opportunity to pay a visit to his long-time companion on his tour. Eminem: “50 Cent is one […]

Waidhofen String Ensemble to Perform Quartet at Order of St. John Concert

Part of the Waidhofen string ensemble will take part in the concert for the Order of St. John next Saturday as a quartet. Photo: Music and Art School Waidhofen/Ybbstal AOn Saturday, September 23rd, the Waidhofen/Ybbstal Music and Art School invites you to a concert for the Order of St. John in the Bürgerspitalkirche at 3 […]