Ivana Gottová is slowly returning to life: The first words of the most famous widow!

“During his lifetime, Karel wrote his autobiography, which he gradually composed of a mosaic of memories, edited and corresponded over the last few years. It is unique and unique. he would be satisfied to the last detail, “Ivana Gottová addressed her husband’s fans through Instagram. Gott explained to enthusiastic readers why she had to postpone […]

Hedon’s first corona proof concert in Zwolle tastes like more

Friday, 28 August 2020, 6:19 AM For the first time since the corona crisis broke out, a concert was organized by pop venue Hedon in Zwolle. It was out in the open and completely sold out. “It tastes like more”, say visitors. The concert was organized in the form of a mini-festival on a site […]

Untouchable, stronger than the rain

MEXICO CITY. Untouchable on stage. Why should I prevent the romantic intimacy of lovers, in the pouring rain, singing You are peeling? Postcards full of kitsch inside the Pegaso Forum, last night, but also full of pain, from lovers dancing together, covered by an umbrella, to the desolate victims of a heart tragedy, whose downpour […]

“Gors” manager: New relaxation of restrictions on gatherings will allow the concert hall to gather a wider circle of visitors – Stage – Culture +

She said that now the concert hall team is carefully acquainted with the restrictions, which remain in force, because every nuance is important when organizing events. “We are specifying the number of chairs for sale, which is possible in accordance with these conditions. The number will increase, however, we will not be able to restore […]

Petra Janů took a strong step: Suddenly I began to feel alone

Why the return to rock?Life takes place in circles and I returned to the beginning with a holt arc… But I have to admit that it cost me quite a bit of strength and persuasion to get caught up and go for it. In retrospect, however, I am happy for my decision. According to the […]

Vladimir Kuzmin revealed the details of the novel with Pugacheva

The people’s artist said that acquaintance with Pugacheva began with her request. In the 1980s, the singer was invited to perform at a rock festival in Germany, and she urgently needed a person who could adapt the concert program to the format of the event. On the advice of friends, the star turned to Kuzmin. […]

Ivana Gottová hit the table! EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT

“I am glad that they will perform such a concert for Karel, but the information that I will perform at it is not true. Because I didn’t get an invitation to sing on it from the organizers, “the legendary Gombit told Blesk some time ago. Some began to arm themselves again against Ivana Gottová and […]

BTS to perform at iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020

BTS is within the lineup of the concert iHeart Radio Music Festival 2020. The Bangtan Boys are 7 artists from K-pop Worldwide known, his music has broken barriers and records, regardless of language, fans enjoy his creative work and positive message alike. It is 2020 It is one of the years with the most activities […]