Coronavirus July 2. Mexico reaches 29,189 deaths and 238,511 cases

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 02.07.2020 19:20:02 The Ministry of Health reported the figures of the advance of the new coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, at the end of July 2: 29 thousand 189 deaths 238 thousand 511 accumulated cases 25 thousand 565 active cases 76 thousand 423 cases classified as suspect In Latin America one […]

Professional certificates: What for? – News Portal Process

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The media campaign against colleague and fellow page John Ackerman has put the issue of professional certificates on the agenda for public discussion. There is more confusion than certainties about this legal figure, even in the legal community, which is why it is worth clarifying its essential aspects. Let’s see. First. […]

Coronavirus July 1. Mexico reaches 28,510 deaths and 231,770 cases

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 01.07.2020 19:20:56 The Ministry of Health released the figures of the advance of the new coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, at the end of July 1: 28 thousand 510 deaths 231 thousand 770 accumulated cases 24 thousand 734 active cases 75 thousand 5 cases classified as suspicious In Latin America, 57.7 […]

The EBA League Conference C will have three groups of 12 teams each

After the delegate commission of the FEB agreed last week that there would be no relegation from the EBA League to the Copa Catalunya, now the Catalan, Aragonese and Balearic federations have decided that next year’s C conference will have three groups of 12 teams each. This will increase the format of this season by […]

Apple announces WWDC 2020 date – Wylsacom

Earlier, we said that Apple will hold a conference for WWDC 2020 developers in an online format – this is due to the coronavirus pandemic, because of which perhaps everything that was possible was canceled this year. Today Apple announced that the WWDC 2020 conference will start on June 22 and will be held online […]

Trump shakes hands during coronavirus press conference

The President of the United States shook several hands at the White House on Friday, in the midst of announcements of measures against the coronavirus. Lsocial distancing? Very little for him. Going against the recommendations of most health agencies around the world, Donald Trump shook several hands at the White House on Friday, in the […]

Apple’s WWDC 2020 is dematerialized

Unsurprisingly, Apple in turn announces change with its big annual conference for developers. The 2020 edition of the Worldwide Developers Conference will be held in June, but as part of an online event. ” Next June, we will be hosting WWDC 2020 in a new format for millions of developers worldwide, and we will be […]

Here the Connecticut Schools are closed or affected – NBC Connecticut

Some Connecticut school districts and universities are making changes to class or activity calendars due to corona virus concerns. The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference cancels all remaining CIAC winter tournament games because of concerns about the corona virus. Schools that affect classes or activities Region 14 school district The region 14 school district, which includes […]