“I was a replica of Elizabeth II for fifty years.”

Central Media Group Ltd. “The bands wanted to shoot video clips with me, and I was able to give the Queen a gold record,” recalled Jeanette Charles II. Elizabeth worked as a counterpart for fifty years. I probably would never have made a career as a queen counterpart if I hadn’t seen an ad in […]

Veszprém killer killing his colleague with at least five knife stabs testifies

During the interrogation of the suspect, the 25-year-old man, who stabbed his twenty-year-old colleague to death in a factory in Veszprém, testified to the suspect. To our knowledge, the man suspected of murder was killed by at least five knife stabs with a coworker alone in the locker room. The Veszprém County Prosecutor’s Office has […]

Zoltán Bereczki About Dóra Szinetár: We are starting to approach

The path of the much-loved acting couple parted ways ten years ago and has since drifted apart, but according to Bereczki, 46, their relationship is starting to get closer again. Many were heartbroken by their divorce Ten years ago, he surprised the whole country when Dóra Szinetár and Zoltán Bereczki announced that their paths were […]

Bogi Csemer sincerely testified about his privacy

After the loud success of the Eurovision Song Contest, Csogi Bogi fell into the very deep, feeling that his professional career was stalled, the value of which was so important to him lay on the altar of hacking, which he rejected viscerally. There is a difficult period behind it It took Bogem Csemer a good […]

Endre Harkányi only goes to the theater

April 4, 2022 5:45 PM He said months ago that he did not imagine his retirement years that way. A sad sentence that has everything in it: loneliness, loss of loved ones, lack of theater, lack of acting. Endre Harkányi is an artist with a special character who has played in theaters and films since […]