Is Hezbollah Really Not Involved In The Big Bang in Lebanon? All pages

BEIRUT, – The explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday (4/8/2020), is still a question mark and debate about the reasons behind the tragedy that killed more than 100 people and injured 5,000 people. Speculation has arisen about the causes, ranging from negligence in proper storage and surveillance of hundreds of tonnes of […]

Not Considering, It’s Not Enough to Tantalize in the South China Sea, China Now Caught Manipulation of the River Menyong, United States Until Until Gregetan Will Send Troops – All Pages

Gridhot.ID – The conflict between the United States and China is endless. The South China Sea is now heating up after a number of world military forces clashed in these dense waters. But apparently now, the confrontation between two large military powers, the US vs. China is now reportedly changing directions. No longer a battle […]

Frequent Clashes, These Are the Causes of the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict Page all

BAKU, – The military of Azerbaijan and Armenia exchanged fire in Karabakh, the border between the two countries since Sunday (07/12/2020). At least 16 soldiers from both sides have been killed and dozens more injured as a result of the incident. The incident was referred to as the second worst incident of the country […]

Joseph Prigozhin commented on his conflict with Vladimir Friske

Already that day in the Networks discussing dressing Natalia Friske in the dress of her sister Jeanne. And the debate about this has not subsided so far. Many fans of the singer are sure that in this way Natalia copies the style of Jeanne Friske. “Doesn’t want to be like a sister”: Dad Friske justified […]

No Matter Beaten by 19 Countries, China Strengthens Themselves with Mass Production of the New Version of J-20 Fighter Jets, More Advanced and Deadly than Ever – All Pages

Gridhot.ID – China is currently being attacked by 19 countries that are opposed to its actions. Its action after the corona outbreak made the country in the spotlight. Seeing this moment, China immediately improved itself and was ready to increase defense. Also Read: More and More Challenging, Chinese Government Media Overtly Claims Batik As Traditional […]

Initially Violent Total Until Killed 20 Enemy Soldiers, China Finally Slammed and Started Unloading Tent Troops, All Panda Warriors Reported Backing From the Indian Border – All Pages Indian and Chinese troops Gridhot.ID – The fight between China and India is likely to soften. Previously the two countries had argued so hard that India made an extraordinary boyot call in the country. But now the Chinese Government is reportedly starting to pull back troops along the contested border with India on Monday […]

Indonesia and the Philippines are Busy Against Corona, China is Playing Intimidation and Increasingly Arbitrary in the South China Sea, the United States Immediately Seeks Face to ASEAN Countries

China Military South China Sea Conflict Will be even hotter Gridhot.ID – China is indeed increasingly arbitrary lately. How not, they claim 80 percent of the South Pacific Ocean is only based on historical maps of the past glory of the Qing Dynasty. Suddenly the countries that were hit by the map of the Qing […]

OR does not participate in appointment of new director L1 | 1Limburg

The L1 Works Council does not intend to advise on the appointment of a new director for the time being. The Works Council first wants the conflict that has arisen between the Supervisory Board and the staff of the broadcaster to be resolved. The works council has now hired a lawyer. That lawyer, Loe Sprengers, […]