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Salesforce Intensifies Struggle With Microsoft With Slack Purchase Offer | Up to date

According to The Wall Street Journal, Salesforce is in talks to acquire Slack Technologies, an operation that would allow the software giant to increase competition against Microsoft in the field of collaboration. The announcement caused Salesforce’s stock price to drop nearly 4% and Slack’s publicly traded stock price to rise by more than 21% in […]

Turkey opened the Cypriot front :: Politics :: RBC

Turkish parliament allows Erdogan to send military to Azerbaijan Erdogan, in response to criticism, said that this step was aimed at eliminating existing grievances, and by no means creating new ones. On the island, he also said that he would no longer tolerate “diplomatic games” in the Eastern Mediterranean. Erdogan has pledged to continue seismic […]

Mini-job meeting at Cerrejón to mediate the labor dispute

The vice minister of Labor Relations and Inspection of the Ministry of Labor Ligia Stella Chaves, presides over a meeting between Sintracarbón and Cerrejón to mediate in the strike that has been going on for 78 days. The ministry explains that once the 60 days established by the numeral 4 of article 448 of the […]

Putin discussed with Macron the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh :: Politics :: RBK

Residents leave Nagorno-Karabakh after the armistice. Photo report The activities of the Minsk Group have been repeatedly criticized in Azerbaijan. In particular, President Ilham Aliyev stated on October 26 that the co-chairing countries monopolized the issue of the Karabakh conflict settlement. He noted that all these years there was no “pressure on the occupier”, although […]

Four people were injured in a knife attack near the White House

In the United States, on the morning after the night of the US presidential election, a conflict broke out near the White House. Three men and one woman were injured. Four people were injured in a knife attack near the White House in Washington. This was announced on November 4 by the NBC channel with […]

Aliyev announced Azerbaijan’s readiness to stop the war in Karabakh :: Politics :: RBK

Pashinyan also said that Yerevan is ready for negotiations to resolve the conflict in Karabakh, however, in his opinion, Baku does not make concessions. “The fact is that as soon as some compromise becomes acceptable for Armenia, it suddenly becomes unacceptable for Azerbaijan,” the Prime Minister said in an interview with Al Arabiya. The fighting […]

Parties agree on “humanitarian ceasefire”

In the conflict over the South Caucasus region of Nagornyj Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan have once again agreed on a “humanitarian ceasefire”. This was announced by the US State Department on Sunday after talks with the foreign ministers of both countries in Washington the previous day. The ceasefire should therefore apply from Monday, 8 a.m. […]

Nagorno – Karabakh is a pretext, the stakes of the war are the Caspian Sea | News from Bulgaria and the World

Turkey’s current plan for Nagorno-Karabakh includes peace in exchange for territories in favor of Azerbaijan. However, fighting has not stopped despite the ceasefire announced, as Armenia strongly disagrees: Yerevan suggests that this concession could lead to new territorial claims. President Nicole Pashinyan recalls the “Munich Agreement” when Hitler, after peacefully receiving part of Czechoslovakia, occupied […]