Congress delays the vote on the constitutional accusation against ‘Los Niños’ | POLICY

Almost a month has passed since the Permanent Commission of Congress approved the final report of the Subcommittee on Constitutional Accusations (SAC) which recommends accusing the parliamentarians of Acción Popular: Raúl Doroteo, Darwin Espinoza, Jorge Flores Ancachi and Elvis Vergara for the crimes of criminal organization and aggravated influence peddling to the detriment of the […]

Extraordinary powers for Petro shake in health reform

The health reform presented by the Government proposes granting extraordinary powers to President Gustavo Petro to make modifications to the labor guarantees that doctors and other workers in the sector have, an approach that has not gone down very well with the political parties. The bench of conservatism congressmen signed a proposal by Senator José […]

Health reform: Quality of professionals is not in the project

Representatives of different universities that are part of the academy in the health sector in the country, expressed their concern after learning about the articles of the health reform project presented by the National government. The dean of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Universidad del RosarioGustavo Quintero, affirmed that his concern […]

Minister of the Environment debates with congressmen about the budget for her sector

The Environment Minister, Susana Muhammadresponded to the claims of congressmen from various benches who claimed during the day of debate of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) for next year on the “low” budget for the environmental sector. (Also read: Tough grip between Claudia López and Petro minister over key project for Bogota) The […]

César Landa: Popular Renovation Bench filed an interpellation motion against the chancellor

The Popular Renovation bench presented this Thursday afternoon a motion of interpellation against the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cesar Landa. The document bears the signatures of 20 legislators from People’s Renewal y Country advances. The document contains 31 questions that the holder of the Chancellery of the Republic must answer before the National Representation about […]

Peter Castle | Congress authorizes the president’s trip to the US for the UN assembly between September 18 and 22 | New York | United States | | POLITICS

By 69 votes in favor, 43 against and 1 abstention, the Plenary Session of Congress authorized the president’s trip peter castle to the United States, between September 18 and 22, in order to participate in the United Nations General Assembly. This six weeks later that Parliament denied him authorization to attend the inauguration of Gustavo […]