SOAT: Learn how to apply insurance discount

And is that the discount reached may be cumulative with today insurers offer, according to the new norm in force in the country. This law also establishes a two-year extension for driving licenses that were about to expire between January 1 and 31 of next year. “There are about 5 million Colombians who will not […]

Abimael Guzmán: Dina Boluarte on the law that will allow the cremation of the remains of terrorists: “It brings tranquility” Pedro Castillo nndc | PERU

The Minister of Development and Social Inclusion, Dina Boluarte, highlighted the “speed and responsibility” of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, in promulgating the law that allows the cremation of the remains of terrorist leaders. Through her Twitter account, the vice president also remarked that the norm “Brings tranquility and reaffirms the commitment to […]