The dark interests of the new Magisterial Bloc bench | RESEARCH

There is no doubt that the Movadefafter Free Peruhas been the radical organization that has benefited most from the arrival of peter castle to the power. Not only have they placed their operators in the prefectures and sub-prefectures of the country, but now they will seek – from Congress – to pressure their Magisterial and […]

Peru Libre: State providers are ‘drivers’ of Edgar Tello | Petroperu | POLITICS

Updated on 05/09/2022 07:00 am It is becoming increasingly clear that members of the government entourage are having a great time. Either because they are close to President Pedro Castillo or congressmen from Vladimir Cerrón’s party. In this case, the legislator of Free Peru Edgar Tello has two businessmen from the fuel sector who provide […]

Home EM and European Cup: UEFA executive meets in Vienna

Berlin (dpa) – Shortly before the important UEFA meeting in Vienna, organized fan groups are putting pressure on again. The Football Supporters Europe (FSE) warned in an open letter about the consequences of the reform of the European Cup competitions decided last year. The Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA), which among other […]

Biontech feels China’s pride

WWhen the Chinese hear about Biontech, it’s usually nothing good. At the end of April, the short news channel Weibo reported that the German vaccine triggered hepatitis. That’s not true. The cited studies on the fact that some children with hepatitis had previously been vaccinated against Covid do not claim that there is a causal […]

“existential crisis” of education and student socio-emotional well-being

As we know, the emotional well-being of students greatly influences their learning, and the first conditioning factor of the student’s emotional state is the home. In turn, the home is the result of a family history. For many children and adolescents this is an emotional burden that our educational system is not equipped to deal […]

The bet of criminal lawyers not to return to face-to-face

3 May 2022 – 11:38 a. m. Experts in criminal law spoke with The viewer on the effectiveness of virtual justice and the doubts left by the model implemented due to the pandemic. Faced with the possibility of returning to face-to-face attendance, the response from the penalists has been negative. This Tuesday the subject is discussed […]