When the Book Law is in the hands of Congress

Leslie Urteaga, Minister of Culture. Source: El Peruano. On Monday 9/11, the Minister of Culture, Leslie Urteaga, supported in Congress the Bill that complements the current Book Law (31053). As is well known, at CARETAS we have pointed out on more than one occasion the need for a law that protects the book industry in […]

Board of Directors of Congress received members of the College of Journalists of Peru

“We are not going to allow any constitutional precept or fundamental freedoms or rights to be violated,” the president of Congress, Alejandro Soto Reyes, guaranteed this morning during a meeting he held with the directors of the College of Journalists of Peru (CPP). The meeting was in the office of the Presidency of Parliament, with […]

Congress plans expansion of Qali Warma coverage

Congress plans expansion of Qali Warma coverage Congresswoman Lady Camones met with Minister Julio Demartini The Congresswoman Lady Camones, APP Memberproposed to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion the idea of ​​extending the coverage of the National School Feeding Program Spear Pen to various institutions. During his meeting with the minister of said sector, […]

HR Commission US Congress requests removal of UN resident coordinator in Peru

The Foreign Relations Commission of Congress, chaired by Congressman Alejandro Aguinaga Recuenco (FP), agreed to urge the Foreign Ministry to activate the relevant diplomatic mechanisms so that the resident coordinator of the United Nations System in Peru, Igor Garafulic, is removed of our country immediately. Congresswoman María del Carmen Alva Prieto (NA) made the request, […]

The Wegovy weight loss injection could also be good for the heart

Actually a diabetes drug, drugs like Wegovy apparently have other positive effects. Image: dpa New career for an active ingredient? At the European Cardiology Congress, it was discussed whether diabetes drugs could also be used to treat heart disease. Diabetes medications can do more than just lower blood sugar. The active ingredient semaglutide, for example, […]

Alberto Otárola supports the 2024 Budget before the Plenary Session of Congress

He is accompanied by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras The President of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola, supports the draft Law on the Budget, Indebtedness and Financial Balance of the Public Sector for Fiscal Year 2024, before the Plenary Session of Congress. Said action is given in compliance with the provisions […]

TGV Congress: Andry Rajoelina will make his candidacy official tomorrow

The current president Andry Rajoelina will formalize his candidacy for the presidential election this Wednesday, September 6, according to concordant sources. He will thus have to submit his application file tomorrow to the High Constitutional Court (HCC) in Ambohidahy. September 6 being the last day of submission of applications for candidates. Like many outgoing presidents, […]

Congress: plenary will meet on Thursday, August 31

By agreement of the Board of Spokespersons The plenary session of the Congress of the Republic will meet on Thursday, August 31 after unanimous agreement of the Board of Spokespersons. The agenda of the plenary session will include the opinion of Bill 397, which proposes to modify Law 29158, Organic Law of the Executive Power, […]