Notice of strike at college against “an illusion of health protocol”

While France is confined and teleworking privileged, schools, colleges and high schools reopen their doors for the start of the school year, this Monday, November 2. The Minister of Education Jean Michel Blanquer specified Thursday, October 29 what the new health measures would be. But only one big change appears: that of wearing a mask […]

Unprecedented protests against the monarchy are taking place in Thailand

In Thailand, where there is a strict ban on criticism of the monarchy and defamation of the monarch, the biggest protests have been going on for a long time. The protesters are demanding the resignation of the prime minister, early elections, a new constitution and also more democracy, which means taking away the powers of […]

Cruz-Coke raised the need for “a plan B” for the plebiscite

Deputy Luciano Cruz-Coke, head of the Evópoli bench, was “concerned” about the problem that would be generated if there is a low participation in the constitutional referendum on October 25 due to the coronavirus pandemic, and raised the need to “a plan B”. “I am not about to postpone the Plebiscite, under any point of […]

Amendments to the Constitution entered into force

Amendments to the Constitution of Russia on July 4 entered into force. A decree on this was previously signed by President Vladimir Putin. The text of the amended Basic Law is published on the legal information portal, as well as on the Kremlin website (.pdf). Voting on the amendments took place from June 25 to […]