Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Travel ban for girls under 23 is a violation of the Constitution

Ministry of Foreign Affairs reportedthat the idea of ​​banning girls under 23 from going abroad to work is contrary to the Constitution. According to the ministry, this opinion is periodically voiced by representatives of the Kyrgyz diaspora, activists and deputies. The department said that a round table on women’s migration had previously been held. Based […]

“Churches Entitled to Billions: Dilemma over Replacement of State Benefits”

Status: 05/17/2023 3:05 p.m The federal states pay around 600 million euros to the churches every year. A relic from the past that, according to the constitution, must be replaced. But in that case the churches would be entitled to high one-off payments – a dilemma. by Michael Hollenbach The legal entitlement to these so-called […]

Castilla-La Mancha’s Work Calendar for 2024: Official Holidays Revealed

The Official Gazette of Castilla-La Mancha plans to publish this Friday the Decree that establishes the work calendar in the region for next year, which establishes the twelve days that will be considered holidays in the region. The holidays marked as such in the work calendar next year in Castilla-La Mancha are: – January 1, […]

Name rectification, constitution making and de-sinification (Liu Wenyi)

Taiwan is the smallest island country in the world in terms of its territory. How do Western liberal and democratic countries (including the United States) view Formosa, which has an entangled relationship with the Republic of China? To understand how Western countries view the relationship between Taiwan and the Republic of China, it is of […]

voters no longer vibrate to the idea of ​​a new Constitution

On the pedestrian avenues of Santiago de Chile, some activists struggled to distribute their leaflets for their candidate for the future Constitutional Council. Passers-by paid little attention to it, although more than 15 million Chileans had to move this Sunday May 7 in the polling stations, to elect 50 constituent advisers. These new elected officials […]

Letters from readers IV: The National Constitution

May 1st marks the 170th anniversary of the oath of our meritorious Fundamental Law. Its primary objective was to put an end to continuous civil wars and lay the foundations for national union, implementing a republican and federal system, whose fundamental pillars are periodicity in functions, independence of powers, and publicity of government acts. For […]

Polish Constitution Day Celebrations in Colombia

May 3 is approaching and with it, the celebration of the day of the Constitution of Poland. In Colombia there will be several activities related to this important day. On May 3, 1791, the first Constitution in Poland was written and promulgated, but also the first Constitution in Europe and the second in the world, […]

Russia expels 20 German diplomats in retaliation for Germany’s actions

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Saturday that it had decided to “reflect” Germany’s “hostile” actions and expel 20 German diplomats, in response to a similar action taken by German authorities against Russian diplomats on German soil. “The German authorities have decided to carry out another mass expulsion of employees of the Russian diplomatic missions […]