Apple confirms: the iPhone 15 will have a USB-C connector

Apple’s iPhone will feature a USB-C connector to comply with European Union legislation. This is what Greg Joswiak, the head of marketing of the American technology company, said during a conference of the economic newspaper The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Joswiak did not say when Apple will discontinue its own Lightning cables. Mr. Joswiak pointed […]

Consumer pessimism is peaking. The Czechia is heading into recession

Even during October, the deterioration of the confidence of Czech entrepreneurs and consumers continued. For consumers, the indicator surpassed its historically lowest level for the third time in a row. Respondents are still significantly worried about the worsening of the overall economic and financial situation. The numbers, according to analysts, confirm the worsening condition of […]

China’s highest inflation in 29 months

Date 10/14/2022 3:00:50 PM (MENAFN- Al-Bayan) Consumer price inflation in China rose to a 29-month high in September, driven mainly by pork prices, but price pressures remained largely moderate in an economy wracked by restrictions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and a real estate crisis. China’s central bank is trying to support growth, while […]

Teeth whitening products: often ‘harmful or useless’, alert 60 Million

“Tooth whitening, too many harmful or useless products” : 60 Million consumers denounces in an investigation the dangers of dental whitening products which are dosed beyond European legal standards. The magazine warns against a marketing system that “hides a number of dangers, even scams”. Overdose of products The two substances used to lighten teeth, hydrogen […]

Why shouldn’t you provide your ID number when making purchases? | NMR | ECONOMY

The Peruvian Association of Consumers and Users (Aspec) pointed out that consumers should not provide their ID number when making a purchase in a commercial establishment, a request that is considered illegal and is widely practiced, even if the payment is in cash. . “When a consumer buys a product in a commercial establishment, even […]

Marijuana users are more likely to need emergency care and hospitalization, study finds | Science and Ecology | D.W.

Emergency department visits and hospitalizations are 22% higher among people who use recreational marijuana compared to those who don’t, according to a new study published Monday (06.27.2022) in the journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research. “Cannabis use is not as benign and safe as some might think,” study author Nicholas Vozoris, associate professor and clinical investigator […]

Consumers turn to credit to overcome the crisis

Consumer credit increased by 18.67% in the interannual rate in the last twelve months, reaching 29,158 million euros. The financier of a well-known French distribution establishment has decided to increase the maximum amount of eight-year loans that it offers its clients, up to 20,000 euros at an interest rate of 13.15% APR. A quick look […]