These are the best exercises to strengthen your core

Strengthening the core, the area of ​​the body that involves the glutes, the pelvic and abdominal area, helps improve posture and reduces the risk of injuries. Your training plan should always include at least two full-body exercises that strengthen your core, recommends the site Runner’s World. When adding exercises like this to your training routine, […]

Microsoft Introduces Game Pass Core: The Future of Xbox Live Gold

by Poor-man Posted on Sep 13, 2023, 19:35:00 email @geektopic News In July and after twenty years, Microsoft announced that it was saying goodbye to Xbox Live Gold, the subscription service to be able to play online with Xbox. We have to look to the future, and for the Redmond company that future is called […]

Wheat and corn: rain and the “financial core” of producers

The rain that began to fall with the arrival of September could become an important ally for producers to improve their economic and financial situation. According to experts from the Rosario Stock Exchange, 30 millimeters “would ensure a wheat harvest and an income in December to pay rent.” “30 millimeters changes the face of the […]

Guangzhou and the core defender completed the contract renewal Chen Yingjun: I hope to create more history with the team_Season_Training_Management

Original title: Guangzhou and the core defender completed the contract renewal Chen Yingjun: I hope to create more history with the team On June 29th, Beijing time, Guangzhou Long-Lions officially announced that they have reached a three-year contract renewal agreement with Chen Yingjun. Next season, he will stay with the team and continue to compete […]

International praise for Klokhuis episode about unwanted touches

The core NOS News•Thursday, 3:25 PM The NTR children’s program The core has gained worldwide attention thanks to a recent episode about unwanted touching in children. For example, the episode was selected for Input 2023, a major event in Taiwan for public broadcasters worldwide, and the episode was awarded in Japan at the most famous […]

Alert ! The cause of the magnetic field anomalies has been identified!

Kerry Taylor-Smith United Kingdom 03/04/2023 08:00 4 min Molten iron swirling around the Earth’s core controls the magnetic field. Anomalies of the Earth’s magnetic field cause interference in the operation of satellites and compass readings which do not indicate the direction of true north, but why? The Earth’s magnetic field circles the globe and extends […]

How to perform a perfect plank (and why it shouldn’t be missing in your workout)

HOW LONG TO MAINTAIN PLANK POSITION You’ve probably heard different things from different people – 30 seconds, two minutes, as long as possible. George Hood from Chicago broke the world record for longest plank held by a man – 8:15:15. And Dana Glowacka of Montreal, Canada holds the world record for the longest plank held […]