Beware, Headaches Can Be Symptoms of COVID-19

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The more diverse symptoms corona virus new in line with research conducted by a number of parties. According to the National Health Service (NHS), the main symptoms of corona virus are high temperature and continuous cough. The symptoms Covid-19 milder forms of flu, including dry cough and mild fever no more than […]

Corona virus can damage the brain

KONTAN.CO.ID –┬áLONDON. Scientists warn of possible waves of brain damage related to the new corona virus, when new evidence suggests Covid-19 can cause severe neurological complications, including inflammation, psychosis, and delirium. A study by researchers at University College London (UCL) described 43 cases of Covid-19 patients suffering from temporary brain dysfunction, stroke, nerve damage, or […]

Splashy Dozens of BUMN Bank Employees in Malang Exposed to COVID-19

Poor – A chain message circulates through WhatsApp. The message contained information stating that there were 30 BRI Malang employees exposed to COVID-19. In fact, the message stated, there were two BRI Kanwil Malang employees who died because of COVID-19. So that all BRI services in Malang are closed today. When confirmed, the Task Force […]

This is Corona Antivirus, Not Anti-Covid-19

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Sapa Pagi Kompas TV program (06/07/2020) briefly discussed the polemic of the anticorona necklace made by the Ministry of Agriculture which is planned to be mass produced. This necklace reaps a variety of reactions from both health practitioners and the community. The Ministry of Agriculture also tried to explain what was […]

Corona’s Lockdown Makes 73 Countries Threatened Out of HIV Drug

Jakarta – The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that there are 73 countries that are in danger of running out of stock of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) that are commonly used for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) patients. The reason is because the global lockdown due to the Corona COVID-19 virus pandemic has cut off supply lines. […]

Scientists Discover New Corona Variants More Contagious, JAKARTA – A study of researchers found a variant in the new corona virus or Covid-19 which is deadly and more contagious than the original. This deadly pandemic continues to sweep across the world with more than 11 million cases of infection and more than 500,000 deaths. However, scientists have discovered a new, more […]

Unexpectedly, This Item Is Also Easily Contaminated By Corona Virus, JAKARTA – Corona virus can be transmitted easily when someone is exposed droplet of those infected. The virus particles stick to the surface of objects, including those in the house. It is indeed quite difficult to know whether the surface of the object has been contaminated by Covid-19. Especially if it is not known […]

Shocking, Amuba Brain Eater appears in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic, JAKARTA – Health officials in Florida, United States have issued emergency warnings after the discovery of a rare ‘brain eater’ amoeba that infects humans. The Department of Health (DOH) said the amoeba is usually fatal, but did not provide details about the condition of sick people in the Hillsborough region. Amoeba is known by […]

WHO: These 3 Corona Virus Spreads Faster, JAKARTA – The World Health Organization notes that there are three places that allow the spread of the corona virus more quickly and massively. Quoted from the WHO Facebook account the first three places namely the first in a crowded place or crowd. This is because the distance of 1 meter spreading droplet is […]