Feeling that his age is no longer long, Singer Iis Sugianto Reveals Early Symptoms of Covid-19: My Tongue Is Numb, Like There Is A Sense Of Sulfur – All Pages

Singer Iis Sugianto described the early symptoms of Covid-19 he was experiencing GridHEALTH.id – The news of not wearing it back hit the entertainment world in the country. Senior singer Iis Sugianto reportedly suffered from a corona virus infection (Covid-19). Also Read: New Symptoms of Covid-19 Apart from Fever; Loss of Sense of Smell and […]

Traces of Refugees Scientists Count Man-Made Corona Virus

Jakarta – Dr Li Meng Yan is not known for making the Corona vaccine, but believes this virus is man-made. This is the trail of his escape to America. Chinese scientist This virologist caused an uproar because he defected to America and then said the Corona virus was man-made in Wuhan. Collected by detikINET from […]

Canada Reports First Zero Corona Deaths Since March

Jakarta – Canada reported zero deaths from the Corona COVID-19 virus in the past 24 hours for the first time since March 15. The data was released by the public health agency which was released Friday night (11/09/2020). Quoted from page Reuters, data shows the death toll in Canada as a result of the Corona […]

RI ‘Locked Down’ in Many Countries Because of COVID-19, What’s Wrong?

Jakarta – A number of countries have imposed travel bans to other countries, including Indonesia. Malaysia has closed its doors to citizens of Indonesia, the Philippines and India who wish to visit starting September 7, 2020. The high number of cases of the Corona COVID-19 virus is the main reason. The United States (US) through […]

Family Clusters Are Called High Contribution to the Spread of Corona

KOMPAS.com – Additional cases of the corona virus are still being reported every day in a number of countries, including Indonesia. Based on data Worldometers, Tuesday (9/8/2020), the number of corona virus cases worldwide has reached more than 27.5 million. Meanwhile, based on data covid19.go.id, cases of the corona virus to date have reached 200,035. […]

Bad luck is worse than Corona Virus Outbreak

VATICAN CITY, KOMPAS.com – Pope Francis stated that gossiping or gossiping is an epidemic that is worse than the corona virus. Therefore, he urged Catholics around the world to avoid gossiping and indulging in people’s disgrace. The Pope said that gossip can also divide the Roman Catholic Church New Dawn. The supreme leader of Catholics […]

Corona Virus Cases and the End of Doctor Strike in South Korea … Page all

KOMPAS.com – The pandemic is not over, even for developed countries like South Korea. Previously, the doctors in Gingseng Country had been on strike since August 21. However, now they have decided to stop striking because Covid-19 cases have increased. Reported ReutersOn Friday (4/9/2020), Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun said doctors in South Korea had agreed […]

New Taiwan Passport Design: Raising “Taiwan”, Shrinking “Republic of China” page all

TAIPEI, KOMPAS.com – Taiwanese officials announced changes to the passport design that made the word “Taiwan” bigger while shrinking the phrase “Republic of China”. Authorities say the new design aims to stop confusion between Taiwanese and Chinese. Many in Taiwan view the region as an independent state, however China sees the island as a province. […]

If a vaccine is found, could the pandemic end soon? All pages

KOMPAS.com – Everyone may be tired and tired of facing this Covid-19 pandemic. If there is a vaccine, will the pandemic end? The world has changed since it was first announced that a mysterious virus that infected residents of Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019. It is finally known that it is the new corona […]