Erick Thohir bluntly calls BUMN pension funds a ‘nest’ of corruption

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of SOEs Eric Thohir bluntly mention pension fund BUMN is a ‘nest’ of corruption by unscrupulous investment managers to the point that many pension fund bills cannot be paid. This was conveyed in a Working Meeting with Commission V of the DPR RI, Thursday (2/12). “Because there are too many […]

Félix “el Cano” Delgado’s lawyer hopes that he does not serve jail

After negotiating with the federal prosecutor’s office since last year, lawyer Juan Matos de Juan hopes that the former mayor of Cataño, Félix “el Cano” Delgado, will not serve a prison sentence. “I hope not,” said Matos de Juan, in an interview with El Nuevo Día. “During the last months that I have been in […]

Corruption in Cuba: the new link in stores in MLC

A little over three months after his arrival in Moscow, the Cuban Yasser Puertas has not been able to obtain residency, a situation that prevents him from accessing legal and well-paid jobs. To survive, turn to irregular “various businesses”. One of them is the “advertiser” and has its most important part within Cuba. Puertas (who […]

KPK Chairman Agrees to Implement the Death Penalty for Corruption Perpetrators, but….

The chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Bahuri admitted that he agreed with the implementation of the death penalty for corruptors. (Source: Ilham Rian Pratama ) BALI, KOMPAS.TV – Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Firli Barhuri stated that his party agreed with the discourse for perpetrators of corruption. However, as […]

KPK Checks Hasan Aminuddin’s Brother to the Head of PDAM Probolinggo

Probolinggo – The KPK summoned Abdul Hafid. He is the older brother of a corruption suspect, Hasan Aminuddin. Abdul Hafid is a resident of Dusun Krajan, Rangkang Village, Kraksaan District, Probolinggo Regency. He is also the Nanny of Pondok Pesantren Rangkang. Exactly at 10:05 WIB, Abdul came with his legal advisor. He entered the Rupatama […]

Live sexist violence in the first person through theater

It is not the same to hear it from outside than to experience it in the first person. It has more impact if the aggression is against oneself, if the injustice is towards a loved one or if the life with which the violence ends is that of someone close. For this reason, from Hortzmuga […]

Kremlin opponent Navalny is suing prison camps

Alexey Navalny The Kremlin critic was arrested at a Moscow airport on his return from Germany in January. (Photo: dpa) Moscow The detained Kremlin opponent Alexej Navalny has filed a new lawsuit against the conditions of his detention in a Russian prison camp – the fourth one in the meantime. This emerges from documents of […]

PDIP Talks about Sprained Arteria’s Tongue Asks Law Enforcers Not to Be Charged OTT

Jakarta – Member of Commission III of the DPR RI, the PDIP faction, Arteria Dahlan, assessed that law enforcement officers, such as police, prosecutors, and judges, did not deserve to be snared by arresting operations (OTT), but with more challenging legal instruments. PDIP defended its cadres, according to PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto Arteria Dahlan […]