Companies only pass on a third of higher costs to customers

Industry Industry is planning to pass on higher purchasing costs for energy, raw materials and primary materials to its customers. (Foto:┬áimago images/imagebroker) Berlin According to a survey, German companies are only slowly and not fully passing on their increased purchase prices to their customers. According to this, the companies have only passed on 34 percent […]

The ex-boyfriend’s mother is an accountant and the girl broke up and was dumped by the “relationship expense list” to force the money back: 2 bags of noodles also count | International | CTWANT

A couple broke up in Shandong, China. The mother of the man listed all the expenses during the relationship and asked the woman to pay back the money. (Schematic diagram / flipped from pexels) How to allocate the expenses during the relationship varies from person to person, and usually they will not be recovered after […]

Maxda credit TEST WINNER even with Schufa problems!

(open PR) Even with negative Schufa characteristics, you should always look for a normal loan first. Because in over 90% of all cases, a normal loan is possible even with a negative Schufa entry (loan without a Schufa secret)! Credit without Schufa secret: In 90% of all cases, a normal loan is still possible even […]

Verified accounts will apparently soon cost money

Oct 31, 2022 @ 6:49am After acquiring Musk : Verified accounts on Twitter will apparently soon cost money Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. Photo: AP/Jeff Chiu San Francisco According to US media reports, verified accounts on Twitter will soon no longer be free. Users with many followers should only be able to get the authenticity […]

how to follow a cost-effective diet

Ask. Could they make a diet with things that an unemployed person could have in his house? I look forward to seeing a nutritionist put together a diet for poor people who don’t have the money to buy the foods that are usually recommended. After publishing a diet for diabetes, this message came to the […]

Boat rental Zaton, Croatia – SamBoat

information Who are we? How does it work? Trust & Security customer reviews Blog Contact Calculate revenue Commercial Vendors gift vouchers Rent what? Rent a motor boat Rent a rubber dinghy Rent a yacht Rent a sailboat Rent a catamaran Rent a jet ski Rent houseboat Rental without a license special offers All destinations All […]

No money for burial: MHH stores baby corpse – News – Lower Saxony

Status: 09/28/2022 9:56 p.m A mother from Hanover lost her baby four weeks after birth. She can’t pay for the burial, so the dead child has been in the freezer at the medical school for weeks. The 27-year-old’s baby was born prematurely. Complications arose and the baby died. The body was autopsied at the Hanover […]

Cost and Real Consumption: Lexus NX 450h+ F Sport

For a long time, Toyota and Lexus saw no reason to deviate from their course. To put it succinctly, that meant that hybrids and hydrogen were the future, while e-cars and plug-in hybrids were a mistake. But the customer, the stubborn being, likes to buy plug-in hybrids – the sales figures show it. Because in […]

Energy cost: The California Diner in Dour has made a radical decision

<!– Par Thomas Dimos | Published on 09/15/2022 at 15:02 Many establishments are beginning to crumble under energy bills. Same observation at the California Diner in Dour. Alessandro Cali, the boss, will soon close his room. He chose an alternative solution. ** ********** ***** ***** ** ************* **** *** ********** ******** ****************** ********* *** ******* […]

Property taxes will rise sharply in 2022: For farmers and homeowners

“Anyone who does not want important trade tax payers to migrate will first of all increase the property tax,” says Mattias Schneider, head of the Government & Public Services department at the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY), in the summer of 2021 to the media portal Heise. While in the years between 2014 and […]