How much does art cost at Art Basel and Art Miami?

A solid gold mold of an avocado bagel titled “Who Wants to Live Forever” by artist Tim Bengel at Art Miami in One Herald Plaza. Jose A Iglesias [email protected] Bizarre, wonderful, rare, or unique contemporary art — often all three at once — is exhibited at Miami Art Week. And while the value may be […]

The price of batteries has risen, new developments are bringing in the green revolution

Lithium-ion batteries, the wonders of light energy that have allowed electric vehicles to spread, have been lost from goods to a similar extent as solar cells since their introduction three decades ago. Manufacturing costs were reduced by about 97 percent. By far the most important factor in the fall in prices is significant breakthroughs in […]

Schedule of SIM Traveling Bandung Monday 15 November 2021, Check out the Terms and Fees

MAPAY BANDUNG – The following is the complete schedule of SIM services around Bandung for Monday 15 November 2021. SIM around Bandung City on Monday 15 November located at BTC Fashion Mall and Batununggal Modern Market. Meanwhile, SIM services around Bandung Regency are located at Thee Matic Mall Majalaya and Griya Cinunuk Cileunyi. The SIM […]

Mandatory PCR Requirements for Airplane Passengers Reassessed in the Aviation Industry – The Daily Executive of the Indonesian Consumers Foundation (YLKI), Agus Suyatno, stated that the new regulation on mandatory PCR for airplane passengers would worsen the aviation business in the country. In view of the reluctance of the public to use the air transportation mode after having to pocket the results of the PCR […]

Any changes to come for parcels delivered by Bpost? It could cost you more!

Posted on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 08:37 a.m. Through Sudinfo The Minister of Public Enterprises, Petra De Sutter, wants consumers to pay a little more for certain parcels delivered quickly by Bpost. Online orders have exploded since the coronavirus crisis, further increasing deliveries. Bpost did not escape this boom since this sector of activity […]

A Bugatti owner betrayed how much it hurt to maintain his car

Wherever we live on the planet, if we buy a Bugatti, the factories won’t let us down. They will arrange for servicing our car, and in the end their pencils will be thick. We know all this from the fact that a Bugatti owner in Singapore collected the numbers and took notes in his square […]