This is how financing works with the experts at KVB

KVB Finance : KVB Finanz informs: This is how financing works with the experts at KVB Limburg (ots) Money is a very sensitive topic for many people. No wonder, after all, nobody wants to give away their money due to wrong decisions or fall for dubious providers when it comes to financial matters. In addition, […]

Evidence that breast cancer cells may behave similarly to neurons

New research, led by Imperial College London and the Institute of Cancer Research London, could provide new insights into better understanding how cancer cells “decide” when to multiply and where to spread. When becoming cancerous, cells undergo a series of bioelectrical changes but, in addition, according to … New research, led by […]

Save up to 35% interest with a loan without a Schufa formula!

(open PR) Consumers will find countless loan calculators on the Internet that want to make it credible that they have already found the best possible offer. Even established credit institutes and online banks are trying to win customers in the highly competitive credit market. Conventional loan calculators as a decoy and deception: The fact is, […]

Maxda credit TEST WINNER even with Schufa problems!

(open PR) Even with negative Schufa characteristics, you should always look for a normal loan first. Because in over 90% of all cases, a normal loan is possible even with a negative Schufa entry (loan without a Schufa secret)! Credit without Schufa secret: In 90% of all cases, a normal loan is still possible even […]

clinical trials of vaccines could start soon in Uganda, WHO says

Clinical trials of Ebola vaccines could begin “in the coming weeks” in Uganda, where the virus is still rampant, World Health Organization (WHO) director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday. “Several vaccines against this virus are in different stages of development, two of them could be used for clinical trials in Uganda in the coming […]

The money from the Next Generation Fund could be used to deal with the crisis

When asked about the possibility of using joint EU debt for loans, a spokesman for the federal government explained that only a fifth of the approved funds from the EU’s Next Generation Fund had been paid out, as Reuters reports. “The rest of the money could be used for crisis management and for the green […]

Top-up vs. 2nd loan agreement

Hello, I am a DKB customer and can immediately apply for a loan within online banking, which ideally will be approved and paid out immediately. I’ve had a loan for a long time that I wanted to top up today. I’ve done that before, and the increase worked. But today it was rejected by the […]

8 Foods for Low Blood Apart from Goat Meat, Easy to Get

Illustration of blood pressure. ©Shutterstock – Foods for low blood pressure other than goat meat need to be known to the sufferer. This food for low blood pressure other than goat meat is suitable for those of you who don’t like goat meat or are bored with goat meat as food to restore health. […]