Exercise not only prevents cancer, it could also help beat it

Over the past few decades, more and more evidence has been gathered that being physically active reduces our risk of developing malignancies and dying from them. And in the case of cancer in particular, some large-scale studies have already shown that people who exercise are much less likely to develop thirteen different types of cancer […]

7 Natural Masks to Tighten Facial Skin, Prevent Premature Aging

Illustration of potato mask. © 2017 Merdeka.com Merdeka.com – Having healthy and toned skin is everyone’s dream, especially for those of you who are approaching the age of 30. Because at that age, without you knowing it, there are big changes in your skin, especially if you don’t maintain healthy skin. Problems in life that […]

The asteroid “God of Chaos” is accelerating and could collide with Earth in 2068!

Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 10:38 a.m. Researchers at the University of Hawaii have warned that an asteroid nicknamed “God of Chaos” could collide with Earth in 2068. The asteroid, officially called “Apophis”, is estimated to be 340 meters in diameter – that is, larger than the Eiffel Tower! In the study, the […]

Chadwick Boseman died last August could receive an Oscar

Netflix demands that the American actor be nominated in the category of best actor. The announcement of his death had been a great shock to the world of cinema, but also to all Marvel fans. Only 43 years old, Chadwick Boseman died of colon cancer on August 28. He had hidden his state of health […]