Study warns about reviewing the true magnitude of the pandemic – Health

The epidemiological surveillance systems that follow the covid-19 pandemic in the world have relegated in a worrying way the impacts on health in general that the new coronavirus has left and the long-term implications that this infection could have, by focusing only on reports of deaths. This is stated in an article published this week […]

Bill Gates estimated when countries will end the coronavirus pandemic

“This makes me feel like the rich world sure should be able to end (the pandemic) by the end of 2021, and the rest of the countries by the end of 2022.”said the mogul in an interview with Wired magazine. The co-founder of the Microsoft company was optimistic about the effectiveness of a coronavirus vaccine: […]

Italy permits free movement with EU countries from June 3

In Italy, from June 3, two-week quarantine for arrivals from other EU countries is canceled. Free travel between countries and within Italy is also permitted, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at a press conference. In addition, on June 15, Italy will begin a new phase in easing the quarantine regime, in particular, theaters and cinemas […]

Germany begins abolishing quarantine for those entering Schengen countries

BY JUAN CARLOS BARRENA Germany has begun to abolish the two-week forced quarantine for those entering the country from the European states of the Schengen group, as well as Great Britain. From this Friday it is no longer compulsory in the populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The other federal states will withdraw these regulations […]

Dispute over the bill for emergency aid

“We managed to do it with an incredible effort,” said Berlin’s Senator for Economic Affairs Ramona Pop (Greens). “The program has helped the city in its entirety and is a huge success.” Her North Rhine-Westphalian colleague Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) was no less proud of himself: “We made the company so challenging for all of us […]

Countries using the European rescue fund will not have a ‘troika’ visit

The terms under which European governments can access thenew line of loans from the European Stability Mechanism(MEDE) to finance the direct and indirect healthcare costs caused by the Covid-19 pandemic are already closed. The ministers of economy and finance of theEurozoneThey have signed an agreement on Friday on the technical details of the loans with […]

Brazil records daily record of 751 deaths and totals 9,897 deaths

Today, Brazil has surpassed the barrier of 700 daily deaths associated with the new coronavirus, having recorded in the last 24 hours the record of 751 deaths, in a total of 9,897 fatalities since the beginning of the pandemic. The figures were released today by the Ministry of Health, which announced that there are still […]