Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine gains (a little) credibility

First modification: 08/09/2020 – 17:14 The first human trials of Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19, had encouraging results. But the conclusions, published on Saturday in ‘The Lancet’, are still considered insufficient to justify the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to authorize its use on a large scale. It is already possible to […]

# NoSinMisPrácticas: Virtual demonstration of medical and nursing students

Who would put themselves in the hands of a doctor or nurse who has never done an internship? The Spanish regional authorities are faced with a dilemma: to allow or not to allow medical and nursing students to carry out internships at a very delicate moment of the epidemic. The regional governments of Madrid and […]

Coronavirus: According to The Lancet, the Russian vaccine against Covid-19 is effective but more tests are needed

Sputnik-V, the Russian vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, produced antibodies in all early-stage trial participantsAccording to the results published this Friday by the prestigious journal of medical dissemination, The Lancet. The results of the two tests (carried out last June and July) highlighted on 76 participants, showed that 100% of the participants developed antibodies against the new […]

Companies: AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial in US Begins Delayed

Updated 09/01/2020 at 01:14 AstraZeneca Plc began a large-scale human trial of its coronavirus vaccine in the United States after a brief delay, according to researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health who are helping conduct the tests. The university, one of the sites for the 30,000-person trial, aims to […]

Traces of Refugees Scientists Count Man-Made Corona Virus

Jakarta – Dr Li Meng Yan is not known for making the Corona vaccine, but believes this virus is man-made. This is the trail of his escape to America. Chinese scientist This virologist caused an uproar because he defected to America and then said the Corona virus was man-made in Wuhan. Collected by detikINET from […]

Putin announces new Russian vaccine against coronavirus

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 27.08.2020 11:54:03 The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, announced that a second vaccine against the coronavirus, covid-19, is in development, which will be developed by the Vektor Research Center of Novosibirsk. She assured that it will be ready in September of this year. She also explained that first vaccine against […]