The glasses that revolutionize the care of critical patients of COVID | THE UNIVERSAL

A doctor, without moving from the Bogotá hospital from where he works, observes and guides the care of a patient who is fighting for his life on a stretcher from another healthcare center, located hundreds of kilometers away: a COVID-19 patient who was admitted to a Guainía ICU. The specialist decides if everything is progressing […]

Covid-19. How to transport millions of vaccines quickly and safely?

How can millions of doses of vaccines be transported quickly and safely when they are finally ready? The logistics sector is preparing, as it can, at a stage when there are still several unknowns. How many vaccines will be needed? According to the International Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry (IFPMA), it is expected that between […]

Offenbach falls out of the RKI’s hotspot list

Ka week without a “Monday dent”: At the beginning of the week, too, there are significantly fewer new Covid 19 cases for Hessen than on the previous days. This is due on the one hand to fewer tests on the weekend and on the other hand to the delay in reporting by the health authorities […]

“I am far from my family, but this city and this team are my family”

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 Steven Enoch does not go unnoticed. It is a steel block of 208 centimeters, a tank in the Monbus Obradoiro painting capable of moving like a tornado. But he’s also a kid who just turned 23, who is more than five thousand kilometers from his family, who is forced […]

Health intervenes with wedding in Gurabo

The Health Department intervened yesterday night at a wedding at the Zafra del Caribe restaurant in Gurabo. According to Telenoticias, Salud canceled the activity for being in violation of the Executive Order that prohibits crowds. The Health Department cancels a wedding in a restaurant in Gurabo for violating the executive order. Details at 10pm @TelenoticiasPR […]

Morocco / Covid-19: The Marrakech International Marathon postponed to September 19, 2021

Initially scheduled for January 31, 2021, the 32nd edition of the Marrakech International Marathon (MIM) is postponed to September 19, 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, informs the Association Le Grand Atlas (AGA) organizing this sporting event. . “We could not maintain the initial date of the international marathon of Marrakech, our priority is to […]

The G20 discusses how to guarantee the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine

At the summit led by Saudi Arabia, the leaders of the powers that represent two thirds of the world economy again debate what they can do to ensure that the vaccine against Covid-19 is distributed equitably and to alleviate the debt of the most countries poor, during one of the worst economic crises in history. […]

GAVI Alliance Says Hundreds of Millions of AstraZeneca Vaccine Doses Secured | WORLD

Updated 11/24/2020 at 09:22 The GAVI alliance welcomed AstraZeneca’s interim data on the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine, calling it “positive news for COVAX’s vision of equitable access”For vulnerable groups around the world. Hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine candidate have been secured through agreements on behalf of the COVAX initiative, the Geneva-based […]