USA: Three dead after being shot at a bowling alley in Illinois

Bthree people were killed in a firearms attack in a bowling alley in Illinois, USA. Police said three other people were injured in the incident in Rockford town on Saturday (local time). One suspect has been arrested. The investigation is ongoing, said police chief Dan O’Shea at a press conference near the crime scene. The […]

JK Rowling and Hera Lind make big leaps

As usual, there was little movement on the Spiegel bestseller list around the festive season. The front runners have been determined and their place can no longer be contested. These include, for example, Sebastian Fitzek with “Der Heimweg” (1st place, fiction); Dirk Rossmann with “The ninth arm of the octopus” (2nd place, fiction) and Charlotte […]

Senior woman gives money and jewelry to fake public prosecutor

Gelsenkirchen (dpa / lnw) – A fake public prosecutor brought a senior woman from Gladbeck out of jewelry and cash with a story of lies. The alleged investigator had told the 71-year-old on the phone that her daughter had caused a fatal traffic accident and was in police custody. A deposit had to be paid […]

Islam Treaty: Hamburg supports the wrong people

Vor eight years ago, the city of Hamburg signed a state treaty with Islamic associations. This grants the Islamic associations rights such as the provision of Islamic religious instruction. However, he demands to get involved in the fight against radicalism and binds the associations to the Basic Law. Hamburg and the Islamic associations must evaluate […]

Did I feel bullying because of the position on Ukraine? Sure. It was disgusting / GORDON

Russian musician, leader of the Mashina Vremeni group Andrey Makarevich, in an interview with the founder of the Internet publication GORDON, Dmitry Gordon, said that he felt persecution after he spoke out against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in 2014. “[Ощущал ли я травлю из-за позиции по Украине?] Well, of course, it was disgusting, “- said […]

Russian passports in Donbass and Crimea – people are not in danger of responsibility

Photo: Gunduz Mammadov ( Ukraine will not persecute residents of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions (ORDLO) and the occupied Crimea who have received Russian passports. Kiev believes that Russian citizenship is imposed on these people. Deputy Prosecutor General Gunduz Mammadov told about this in an interview with “The responsibility will be […]

Drought in Crimea exceeded all expectations

Photo: RFE / RL Shallow Ayan reservoir In the reservoirs providing water supply to Simferopol, the minimum volume of water remained. The drought that came to Crimea surpassed all fears – there is very little water left in the reservoirs. The director of production of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Republic of Kazakhstan Water […]

Zlata Ognevich transported parents from the occupied Crimea – details – Glamor

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich, which recently criticized herself the former, shared the good news. As the artist admitted, she, together with her younger sister Yulia, finally managed to transport her parents from the occupied Crimea to Kiev. As Zlata admitted, there were people on the peninsula who bought the family’s property. Therefore, there was an […]

Corona risk areas: Warning level “dark red” for a third of all circles

Falmost three quarters of the districts in Germany are now considered risk areas. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from early Wednesday morning, nationwide 299 of 412 Rural and urban districts exceeded the warning value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week. 120 of them are above an incidence of 100 […]