Criminal case hate The most extreme in more than 10 years

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the FBI, released the highest number of hate crimes in the past 10 years, or in 2008 that had the most recorded 7,783 times, the latter finding 7,314 occurrences compared to the previous year. The page found 7,120 cases and more than doubled the 51 deaths.Only in August of […]

Cover up the affair, this woman hides her baby in the cupboard so that it dies

MOSCOW, – A tiny baby is fighting for his life after being found emaciated in his mother’s wardrobe. The baby, named Katya. One report said that she was most recently given water and food by her 13-year-old half brother after her mother allegedly tried to keep her birth a secret. Baby Katya has been […]

It was revealed why Germany is not investigating the poisoning of Navalny

Photo: twitter The investigation will become possible if Navalny dies in Germany, explained at the Ministry of Justice Since this is not a war crime, Germany cannot invoke universal jurisdiction under the International Penal Code. The investigation into the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is outside the jurisdiction of the German law enforcement […]