Entertainment industry also requests support against epidemic – ContraRéplica

Representatives of the entertainment industry asked the authorities for a 100 percent subsidy for the payment of electricity and water in the first half of the year, exemption from payroll tax and deferral of tax contributions, among other measures to survive the epidemic of Covid. Among the more than 20 applicant companies are Kidzania, Chuck […]

these innovations in patient care

Medicare gives carte blanche to professionals in the field. Accused during the Covid of being cumbersome and technocratic, the health administration also knows how to be flexible and responsive. For two years, Medicare has embarked on a real revolution: it gives carte blanche to professionals in the field and tests all the good ideas that […]

Faced with the health crisis, the mental health of students plummets

This Wednesday morning, Eric Carpano, president of the University Lyon-III, has not slept for thirty-six hours. The night before, a student tried to jump from the fifth floor of her university residence in Lyon. Although she was taken care of “Before committing the irreparable”, in the words of Eric Carpano, this event violently echoes what […]

Sports car manufacturer McLaren is converting: headquarters to be vaccination center

After the planned sale of the McLaren headquarters in Woking the location is temporarily given a new purpose. There is a Vaccination center. At the end of 2020, the sports car manufacturer, badly shaken by the corona pandemic, reported McLaren the planned sale of the Headquarters in Woking for around 220 million euros. Now the […]

The CDU and the Greens want to make Düsseldorf the “climate capital”

January 9, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. Paid content: New alliance presented in the city council : “Climate Capital” Düsseldorf <!– <!– <!– Lord Mayor Stephan Keller (CDU) at the digital press conference of the black-green alliance. Photo: Hans-Juergen Bauer (hjba) Düsseldorf. The CDU and the Greens have presented their program. You want to invest massively […]

DEL: Cologne sharks humiliate rival Krefeld penguins

Five games, zero points: The Krefeld Penguins are also in crisis when it comes to sport. Yet another team has not yet won a victory in the first few weeks of the unusual ice hockey season. At the beginning of the year, the Krefeld Penguins remain a point supplier in the German Ice Hockey League […]

Financial assets: Germans have more money than ever before after the Corona year

Many people held their money together during the crisis. Overall, that makes private households in this country more wealthy than ever. The people in Germany saved like the world champions in the Corona year and are therefore as rich as never before. According to calculations by DZ Bank, which the German press agency are available, […]

Bank of Thailand facilitates access to subsidized loans

Thailand’s central bank has further relaxed the rules for its subsidized rate loan program aimed at helping small businesses cushion the brunt of the coronavirus crisis. With the continuation of the Covid-19 crisis nationally and internationally, some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have sufficient income to support their business, the Bank of Thailand […]

Cinemas in Danger: The Magic of Cinema – and Why It’s Waning – Culture

The Delphi cinema in Stuttgart reacts with humor to the second forced closure due to the corona pandemic. Photo: imago / Arnulf Hettrich For more than a century, motion picture theaters were cultural havens for adventure seekers. Now they are seriously threatened. Stuttgart – You can hardly start a story about the qualities of cinema […]

Cities and municipalities in Rhine-Main have high deficits

Dhe Corona crisis has caused the Hessian municipalities significant budget problems: From January to the end of September alone, the cities and municipalities together spent 1.5 billion euros more than they earned, according to the State Statistical Office. That is a deficit per inhabitant of around 240 euros. The city of Frankfurt accounts for a […]