TGV and TER traffic interrupted south of Bordeaux due to a fire

The SNCF announced Tuesday evening that traffic will not resume in the evening due to a fire “still in progress”, which destroyed 30 hectares of pines and mobilized nearly 170 firefighters. TER and TGV train traffic interrupted Tuesday afternoon in the Landes due to a fire, will not resume in the evening, AFP learned from […]

Ukraine war: Zelenskyj fears halving of crop yields | – News

Status: 07/31/2022 10:00 p.m Several grain freighters are waiting in Ukrainian ports to be allowed to leave the port. Ukraine’s harvest could be half what it normally is due to the Russian invasion in 2022, according to President Zelenskyy. “Our main goal is to prevent a global food crisis caused by the Russian invasion,” Zelenskyy […]

how does the Canadian system, which the government wants to emulate, work?

«In Canada, the conditions of access to unemployment insurance and the duration of compensation automatically depend on the local unemployment rate“, explains Stéphane Carcillo, economist at the OECD. Hana / Adobe Stock FOCUS – “Our compensation rules must take into account the situation of the labor market, as does, for example, Canada”, declared the Minister […]

Ukraine does not succumb to threats, Russia itself expects defeat = Zelensky | Reuters

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on July 24, five months after the Russian invasion, that he would continue to do his best to do as much damage as possible to his enemies. Taken in Kyiv on the 11th (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [24日 ロイター] –Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on the 24th, five months […]

U.S. government considers U.S.-made fighter jets to Ukraine | Reuters

On July 22, the National Security Council (NSC) Strategy Public Relations Coordinator Kirby said he was considering providing Ukraine with US-made fighters. The photo shows military aid supplies arriving at an airport on the outskirts of Kieu. Taken in February (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [ワシントン 22日 ロイター] –The National Security Council (NSC) Kirby Strategic […]

Two-speed European stock exchanges, Milan reduces the decline – Economy

The European stock exchanges continue mixed, while Milan (-1.4%) reduces initial losses. The markets are awaiting the decisions of the ECB which will launch the rate hike while Piazza Affari remains in tensions after the resignation of Mario Draghi. Government bonds are showing nervousness with 10-year yields rising. They remain in tension in view of […]

Ukrainian Air Force Discusses Training Possibility with US and Allies | Reuters

On July 20, the state and allies began to consider the possibility of training Ukrainian Air Force fighter pilots. The photo is a monument of the Ukrainian Air Force. Taken on the 15th in Binniza, central Ukraine (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [Aspen (Colorado, USA) 20th Reuters]–The United States and its allies have begun to […]

Russia to punish Wikipedia operator Ukrainian conflict tour | Reuters

On July 20, the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Authority announced that it would punish the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, for violating the law over the conflict in Ukraine. Logo of the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Agency (2022 Reuters / Maxim Shemetov) [ロンドン 20日 […]

Ukraine War: Russia Targets Second Largest Power Plant – News

Status: 07/21/2022 12:32 p.m According to British intelligence reports, the Russian armed forces are apparently approaching Wuhlehirsk, the second largest power plant in Ukraine, around 50 kilometers from Donetsk. “Russia is giving priority to capturing critical infrastructure such as power plants,” the British Defense Ministry said, citing its intelligence services. The Russian troops also tried […]