McKinsey settles US opiate crisis for $230 million

McKinsey does not admit guilt in the settlement, allowing it to avoid the possibility of civil suits. The lawsuits accused McKinsey of contributing to the deadly drug crisis by helping drugmakers design deceptive marketing schemes and boosting sales of painkillers. McKinsey worked with the bankrupt Purdue Pharma. McKinsey helped Purdue market the addictive painkiller oxycodone […]

Is Chinese Youth Unemployment As Bad As It Looks? by Nancy Qian

China’s exceptional growth in recent decades has influenced the education and career choices of young people and their families. But now that high-skilled jobs are drying up and recent graduates are struggling to find work, there is a growing mismatch between expectations and new realities. CHICAGO – China’s youth unemployment rate, after rising every month […]

Hammad calls from the city of Derna not to trade the crisis for political purposes

The Prime Minister of Libya, Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Emergency and Rapid Response, Dr. Osama Hammad, held a meeting today, Tuesday; A meeting with members of the committee of ministers in the city of Derna. On Tuesday, Libyan Prime Minister Osama Hammad expressed the government’s categorical rejection of trading in the crisis for […]

LIVE Transportation crisis: the service is paralyzed in Tucumán

08:31 hs The drivers’ strike will alter traffic in the downtown area The general secretary of the Tucumán section of the UTA, Cesar Gonzalezexpressed today that the protest modality of the bus drivers of the province will begin at 9 and will last until 11:30. The particularity of today’s claim is that, as the union […]

These are the EPSs with the highest rate of claims in Colombia during 2023 – Health

From January to July of this year, 816,555 complaints have been submitted to the Superintendency of Health due to the poor functioning of the EPS between the contributory and subsidized regime in the different departments of the country. Read also: (This is how the accidental commission will work to reconcile health reform). During the first […]

“Democracy crisis is coming” US foundation provides $500 million in support to local media

The United States, where ‘news desertification’ is a serious problem in which local media is disappearing, is providing $500 million (approximately 600 billion won) to local media, mainly non-profit organizations. ▲ Nonprofit foundations participating in the local media support plan. Photo = Press Forward website. The US MacArthur Foundation announced its ‘Press Forward’ plan on […]

Christian Ntsay: “There is no political crisis in Madagascar…”

“There is no political crisis in Madagascar, it is a disruption of the electoral process that exists.” The statement is from Prime Minister Christian Ntsay, head of the collegial government, who spoke on the national television channel, TVM, last night as part of a special program. Surrounded by most members of the government, he defended […]