They are hypocritically accused of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle they traveled from Los Angeles to New York last week, which also means roughly 5.5-6 hours by plane, so understandably they didn’t make the trip to the big apple by car. But in the last two years, this has been their 21st trip on a private jet, which puts them […]

Review of ‘Little Miracles on Peckham Street’

Little Miracles on Peckham Street A documentary trapped between the walls of a fictional film. “I’d rather be a zombie than live on aid,” says the protagonist of Little Miracles …, whose adventures as a Bulgarian immigrant in London have become a miracle in Spain. The filmmakers Mileva Y Kazakova (four documentaries together precede them), […]

Nicolas Cage was surprised to praise his film

Nicolas cage he may have become accustomed to positive criticism in recent years, as evidenced by the fact that he was thoroughly surprised by the praise for his new film. It was good to see the enthusiastic welcome. It felt a little surprising, but good Said Cage to the Hollywood Reporter, who is the Pig […]

Two splashes, please, and a little vodka, be big vodka, you persuaded

An alcoholic room painter has never been such a philosopher, we haven’t even loved one so much. Szabolcs Thuróczy nods like a compressed beer can. Bödőcs, Keresztes, Thuróczy: nothing bad can come out of three great ingredients, or they have been adapted for the stage They didn’t even offer it We looked at the novel […]

These families are very different, but they have in common that they cannot sleep

For twenty years, Bence Fliegauf has been considered a great hope for Hungarian film. For worse or worse, but after his own-sounding films, he disappeared from sight. His previous film was shown five years ago, but he returned this year, somewhat unexpectedly. THE Plenty – I see you everywhere formally, it continues the director’s first […]

Morávková totally shocked: Hate for one question!

So she really wasn’t expecting this! The star of Czech series and films Dana Morávková posted a covid testing poll on Facebook, and immediately came a wave of severe criticism and vulgar insults. “I asked in good faith on Facebook if people would be willing to come and see the actors with us for a […]

When the summer is hot, the bald men cool down with tanks

A At a deadly paceseries is sweeping the world for the ninth time. Indestructible like a virus, and vaccination, thank you, is not even necessary. Who wouldn’t want to see Vin Diesel blow up a mine, shoot a fighter jet with a tank, or stroke his little boy’s face? What matters is that the The […]